Thursday, 8 May 2008

Its been painful but I'm looking forward to next season

Well the agony is over and summer is upon us. My garden is looking splendid and my tennis is up and down a bit like Charlton's season.
As I have watched the majority of home games this season I thought I would put in order of merit the teams we have played at the Valley.
On my previous post re : Len Glover I received an e:mail some time a go from Steve Glover who had read on one or two of my previous posts how I admired Len Glover as a player and he told me about his autobiography. I volunteered to put a link on my Blog which he appreciated

Group one
Teams that came to play football and succeeded

No 1 Bristol City 1-1 -Played some great football in the second half and really should have won
No 2 Sheffield United 0-3 Tactically they did a job on us and as a lot of the press were saying at the time they should be a lot higher in the league. After sacking Robson they finished on a high.
No 3 West Brom 1-1 The only consistent team in the league and deserved Champions
No 4 Plymouth 1-2 Played very well at the Valley
No 5 Ipswich Town 3-1 Great match and if we had not had a magic spell of 20 minutes where I feel we played our best football of the season at home Ipswich could well have snatched a point.
No 6 Burnley 1-3 Played some very good football

Group two
Teams that were above average and tried to play some decent football

No 7
Wolves 2-3 They played some good football to start with but faded and Charlton should have at least got a point
No 8 Blackpool 4-1 Great game which could have been the reverse of the disastrous game at Bloomfield Road
No 9 Stoke 1-0 Played better than I thought they would but we played one of our best games
No 10 QPR 0-1 Typically they were just starting to come good
No 11 Scunthorpe 1-1 We could have won but they fought well for their point
No 12 Barnsley 1-1 Worked very hard
No 13 Preston 0-2 They were not great but solid we played absolute crap
No 14 Cardiff 3-0 For once we took all our chances-Cardiff at times played well
No 15 Sheff Wed 3- 2 Great match and Wednesday played their part

Group three

Simply teams that were not very good

No17 Colchester 1-2
They didn't have to play that well to win

No 16 Southampton 1-1 Dreadful Match

No 17 Watford 2-2 We should have won
No 18 Norwich 2-0
Easy win
No 19 Palace 2-0
How they have made the playoffs is a mystery
No 20 Leicester 2-0
Terrible performance from Leicester
No 21 Hull City 1-1
One of the most boring teams I have seen
No 22 Coventry 4-1
Missed the match but reports were not favourable

Monday, 5 May 2008

Lenny Glover-Autobiography

Len Glover what a great favourite player of mine in my early days of supporting Charlton and I remember the great outcry of disapproval including my own when he was transferred to Leicester. Just ordered mine via this link

If Lenny had been playing today he would be gracing the big stage as one of the top Premiership players.