Monday, 2 May 2011

Unfortunate news

Hello, I have been thinking for a while that I need to post this. My name is Sam and I'm Charlton North Downs (Paul's) Son.

Unfortunately on the 5th of February 2011 my dad passed away with a sudden heart attack. He went out to play Tennis that Morning and said he was feeling bad indigestion, so went to sit down. It was a couple of minutes later that he collapsed on the floor. Steve one of his tennis friends said he went unconscious and stopped breathing within a minute. It was very quick.

Even though i know Charlton has not been doing very well and not many comments have been made by my dad the reason being. I thought i would tell you just in case any of you had regular contact with him or wondered why he has stopped posting.

I would most appreciate it if any of you did know him well enough or whatever he ha said i would very much like to know. my email is

I have read through my dads blog all the way through for about the first time (skipping Charlton scores haha). Reading his blog he never seemed to tell much about what kind of person he was like. I thought i would let you know a little bit more about him.

Growing up with my dad was very good. One of the first things i remember was his enthusiasm to try and get my family fit. It would be walks every weekend. He particularity tried to get me into exercise, fishing, football and being sort of manly. However to say i think it failed, i hated those things and was more like a nerdy kid who played computer games all the time.

I cant remember an amazing amount when i was younger but he certainly cared for his family. He was never open with his emotions in particular but seemed to try and do things right with good morals. He was a good man.

As i grew older i was a typical teenager of "life is so unfair bla bla bla". I didnt treat my parents good and throughout they were very patient with my bad attitude! They both wanted the best for me and my sister Kim.

It wasnt until I became a Christian at 16 that my relationship with my dad really changed and more than once he looked at me and said "sam im so proud of you annd how much you have changed." that really meant alot.

Even though he did'nt show his love with cuddles and affection he basically did so much for our family. He certainly cared, alot.

My mum and dad always wanted what was best for us, and seemedto always try and solve the problem. He loved us very much and the same to him. I would say he was a good man, likable, and seemed to be able to get on with most people (infact i never seen him not get on with someone before). People liked him.

I am 21 now. I know he did'nt mention but i got married in July to a lovely, beautiful woman from mexico I met. The day i got married the day went so well, and it was one of the happiest days i had seen him and so ive been told aswell. It is great how my family has accepted Flor my wife as family. Also how they have supported us even though we were young.

Ofcourse my dad was not perfect, but the relationship i had was one where we both cared and loved each other a lot. In many ways i'm like him.

Our family considering the circumstances, we are doing ok i guess. We seem to be doing better than what we did at first.

The ortopsy said that his left ventricle was enlarged causeing a blockage. His mums side of the family many have died of heart attacks at an early age. However my dad though that it was due to high blood pressure and cholesterol. But we might think that it was the enlarged ventricle that might be passed on to generation. There was no symptoms with my dad and it was a thing that no one could of done anything about probably. He was 54 when he died.

If there is anything anyone would like to know or anything you would like to share please do!