Saturday, 14 November 2009

That's Entertainment-Charlton 5 MK Dons 1

Terrible Conditions with a swirling wind and a soggy pitch failed to dampen what turned out to be the best match of season at the Valley. All credit to MK Dons who came to play football and they certainly did which made for a very entertaining game. Charlton were definitely up for it and right from the kick-off their intent was there for all to see (well done Parkinson)-they desperately wanted to win not just for themselves but for the fans. See that is all the fans want spirit, desire and they all get right behind the team.
The wind played havoc which only made the game more entertaining with some bizarre incidents more so to the MK Dons Goal.
MK Dons opened the scoring with a brilliant shot from Wibrahan which gave the keeper no chance, but really the goal came from a breakdown of a good Charlton Attack. The goal seemed to galvanize Charlton into a another gear and 4 minutes later Mooney slid the ball under the MK Dons keeper for a well deserved equalizer. From then on Charlton dominated and deserved all the luck that went their way with the great football that they played . Bailey headed a second for Charlton to take the lead after great work from Sam. A fantastic goal line block from the impressive and the fantastically enthusiastic Sodje kept Charlton lead in tack for half-time. Bailey hit the bar from a great free kick and also a goal-line scramble should have led to Charlton's third. In the second half with a swirling wind behind them Charlton totally dominated and played the best football from any team that I have seen this season at the Valley . Further well deserved goals from Sam with a great individual effort, a great header from Sodje, then a final well taken goal from the impressive Burton. All Charlton players played very well today and I'm giving them all a nine. What a great afternoon and well worth the weather ordeal. On this display Charlton will surly win automatic promotion . One thing the fans were saying on the way out that I disagree with is that MK Dons were rubbish, definitely not so because Charlton were so good,

Come on you Reds

Give Owen a big hand

Its Owen's proudest moment

A proud mother will be snapping away with her digital camera at Half-time today when her son Owen Seddon collects the player of the month award for the under 9's . If only he was 8 years older he could be actually playing against MK Dons. Its great that the junior academy is flourishing and who knows we could have the next Darren Bent or Andy Hunt amongst them. My work colleague keeps me informed of all their results and her son has now scored 18 goals in 8 matches . I'm quite surprised how much traveling they have to do over most of the Southern Counties.

MK Dons
Another work colleague used to have a season ticket for the old Wimbledon but alas once they moved and formed a new club in Milton Keynes he more or less gave up watching football because he was so disgusted with the whole episode. I'm wondering how many Wimbledon fans followed suite New York Addick has certainly started a mass debate on his controversial piece on MK Dons which I think it was not intended to be so, but it is nice to see that most comments are quite civilized.

Through the wind and Rain and on a quagmire of a pitch the match will be the best of the season today at the Valley and if the players are not up for it now then they never will be.

Charlton 4 MK Dons 3

Dailly , Bailey 2 , McKenzie

Come on you Reds.

Monday, 9 November 2009


Oh yes! what a result on Saturday at Enfield -Tottenham 4 Charlton 8

Yes I'm in dream land and Owen Seddon the son a colleague at work scored five goals - Oops sorry it was the Charlton under 9's that had a glorious victory yesterday. Coyle who now has 18 goals in 8 matches looks set to make his first team debut on Saturday against MK Dons. After yesterdays humiliating defeat against Northwich Victoria of the Blue Square North (Bromley my local team play in the equivalent Blue Square South and my Bromley supporting mate cant wait to play us in the Conference proper in two seasons time)
Parkinson has decided enough is enough and our punch- less forward line needs freshening up and Coyle will be the perfect replacement for the in effective
Mcleod who should have been sent off yesterday for a vicious assault on a Northwich player and looked totally out of his depth at this level, is set to be dropped and possibly off-loaded(wishful thinking on my part ) .

Expectations from 10 to zero

When I first started supporting Charlton in February 1967 we were a Second Division club with a healthy average attendance of nearly 12700 . My expectation was not too high then but playing second tier football was expected and any standard lower was considered unacceptable. Even in the 70's and 80's when we were relegated to the old third division, we or certainly I considered it a temporary blip . Over the last few weeks I have been reading with alarm a growing acceptance from some bloggers and supporters that promotion is not a realistic goal , mid-table mediocrity is the best we can expect considering the turbulent times and financial restraints the club has endured over the last three seasons.
Well fuck that, in the seventies and eighties we had a crap ground, crap support(Great supporters but too few of them) piddly squat funds, yet we still considered ourselves a second tier team. Automatic promotion will be deemed a success this season , anything else will be an absolute disaster. The team we have now is reasonably strong defensively and with a competitive midfield there is just one magic ingredient missing and that is striker of the caliber- equal to a Derek Hales , Mike Flanagan , Arthur Horsfield or even a Martin Robinson, actually any forward that can hit the back of the net on a regular basis from 6 yards .

This was written a few weeks ago

At last we have something to thank the Premiership For

Sometimes when I am driving to work, words spoken on the radio will start me thinking (my wife might say that's a first) and the other day on Talksport the most blatantly commercial station on the airwaves, the topic was how many overseas players are currently playing in the Premiership. The percentage is estimated to be 60% from around the world play regularly amongst the twenty Premiership clubs, which is an astonishing number. This does however
explain why I am pleasantly surprised at the standard of football in the third tier, which is way above what I was expecting this season . If Premiership teams have a majority of overseas players where do all the home grown players go to -well of course they drop down a league and so on . Last season some of the teams that played at the Valley are as good as First Division teams fifteen years ago. The standard of passing has improved beyond recognition and I think Charlton are leading the way by trying to play a good passing game most of the time . Many many years ago I watched Charlton play Third Division football and the standard was nowhere as good as it now but it seemed to be so much more enjoyable , I just loved watching Hales , Bob Curtis, Jim Dunn and Keith Peacock entertain us on a Saturday afternoon .
Harping back doesn't do any good but it is difficult.

Come on you Reds