Monday, 14 December 2009

Freezing and snow possible for Saturday

Wouldn't like to have a snow ball fight with a Millwall Fan

According to the Forecast for Saturday there will be a biting Easterly wind with temperatures below freezing all day . Snow is a great possibility so Brr!

My Road last February -snow was about a foot deep

Sunday, 6 December 2009

A wins a win- Charlton 1 Southend 0

Charlton 1 Southend 0

After a good mornings tennis and a couple of lovely pints of Rabbit Ale-3.7, so not too strong I rushed to the Valley, purchased my £17 ticket for the North Stand, sat down and waited for the entertainment to begin. Well I'm not going to be too critical because the boys looked tired and short of creative football for most of the match. Southend looked a good footballing side without the cutting edge to exploit a Charlton team content to sit back and enjoy a flimsy 1-0 lead. After 25 minutes, Lloyd Sam supplied the cross for Man of the Match Dean Burton to head home . The trouble with the view from the North Stand is you miss a lot of the goal mouth action within the six yard box in front of the Jimmy Seed stand, so it took me a couple seconds to jump out of my seat and realise we had scored. One great save from Elliott just before we scored was the only other highlight worth mentioning. Sorry this was a dour game probably because both teams seemed to cancel each other out. The positive spin is : We played badly and won. The defense looks very solid and won the game for us. Burton is a revelation who holds the ball up well and his clever link play should lead to more attacking options. Its funny how a narrow 1-0 win can still leave you on a high meaning that for most supporters winning is everything.
The middle of the defense was magnificent today , The midfield was poor and that affected the whole game. It will come together over the following weeks and I don't want to give our promotion the kiss of death -But Norwich and Leeds are due a bad patch.

Elliott 8 Great save that gave us all 3 points -still a bit of a Dracula at times.
Richardson 7 Did a job -unfortunately seems very injury prone at the moment
Sodji 8 Great enthusiasm-perfect performance
Dailly 8 What a signing -If we are promoted I hope we can get another Season out of him
Basey 6 Unless he starts to read the game like Bobby Moore his pace is going to be a real handicap
Wagstaff 5 Sorry he had a stinker
Sam 6 Can do so much more
Bailey 6 Tried to hard -Not a happy about him feigning injury
Racon 5 Poor Game
Burton 9 Harried chased and his clever hold up play goes unnoticed.
Mooney 6 Went missing and missed a sitter to boot.

Why being a Charlton Supporter can never be a hobby

It shouldn't happen but it does - If Charlton win I'm on a high if they lose, I get over it, but it does effect my mood for a couple of hours -Sad really but supporting your team is for life and if you try to rationalize and explain it I don't think you can. A hobby is something you do in your spare time, it helps you to relax. Supporting Charlton is just like being on a roller coaster that never stops.
Explain this = When I was 10 in 1967 my Dad took me and my cousin to watch Tottenham play Manchester United. Both teams had World class players - Jennings , Greaves, Mackay-Charlton, Law. Best. The score was 2-1 to Tottenham - Greaves and Gilzean for Spurs and George Best scored a cracker for United in front of 57,000. The Following week I persuaded my Dad to take me to the Valley to watch Charlton beat Preston 2-0, in front of 11,000 - Matt Tees scored both goals - That was it, a hooked fish line and sinker for life. Really I cant explain it and I don't think anyone on these forums can either.

Saturday, 14 November 2009

That's Entertainment-Charlton 5 MK Dons 1

Terrible Conditions with a swirling wind and a soggy pitch failed to dampen what turned out to be the best match of season at the Valley. All credit to MK Dons who came to play football and they certainly did which made for a very entertaining game. Charlton were definitely up for it and right from the kick-off their intent was there for all to see (well done Parkinson)-they desperately wanted to win not just for themselves but for the fans. See that is all the fans want spirit, desire and they all get right behind the team.
The wind played havoc which only made the game more entertaining with some bizarre incidents more so to the MK Dons Goal.
MK Dons opened the scoring with a brilliant shot from Wibrahan which gave the keeper no chance, but really the goal came from a breakdown of a good Charlton Attack. The goal seemed to galvanize Charlton into a another gear and 4 minutes later Mooney slid the ball under the MK Dons keeper for a well deserved equalizer. From then on Charlton dominated and deserved all the luck that went their way with the great football that they played . Bailey headed a second for Charlton to take the lead after great work from Sam. A fantastic goal line block from the impressive and the fantastically enthusiastic Sodje kept Charlton lead in tack for half-time. Bailey hit the bar from a great free kick and also a goal-line scramble should have led to Charlton's third. In the second half with a swirling wind behind them Charlton totally dominated and played the best football from any team that I have seen this season at the Valley . Further well deserved goals from Sam with a great individual effort, a great header from Sodje, then a final well taken goal from the impressive Burton. All Charlton players played very well today and I'm giving them all a nine. What a great afternoon and well worth the weather ordeal. On this display Charlton will surly win automatic promotion . One thing the fans were saying on the way out that I disagree with is that MK Dons were rubbish, definitely not so because Charlton were so good,

Come on you Reds

Give Owen a big hand

Its Owen's proudest moment

A proud mother will be snapping away with her digital camera at Half-time today when her son Owen Seddon collects the player of the month award for the under 9's . If only he was 8 years older he could be actually playing against MK Dons. Its great that the junior academy is flourishing and who knows we could have the next Darren Bent or Andy Hunt amongst them. My work colleague keeps me informed of all their results and her son has now scored 18 goals in 8 matches . I'm quite surprised how much traveling they have to do over most of the Southern Counties.

MK Dons
Another work colleague used to have a season ticket for the old Wimbledon but alas once they moved and formed a new club in Milton Keynes he more or less gave up watching football because he was so disgusted with the whole episode. I'm wondering how many Wimbledon fans followed suite New York Addick has certainly started a mass debate on his controversial piece on MK Dons which I think it was not intended to be so, but it is nice to see that most comments are quite civilized.

Through the wind and Rain and on a quagmire of a pitch the match will be the best of the season today at the Valley and if the players are not up for it now then they never will be.

Charlton 4 MK Dons 3

Dailly , Bailey 2 , McKenzie

Come on you Reds.

Monday, 9 November 2009


Oh yes! what a result on Saturday at Enfield -Tottenham 4 Charlton 8

Yes I'm in dream land and Owen Seddon the son a colleague at work scored five goals - Oops sorry it was the Charlton under 9's that had a glorious victory yesterday. Coyle who now has 18 goals in 8 matches looks set to make his first team debut on Saturday against MK Dons. After yesterdays humiliating defeat against Northwich Victoria of the Blue Square North (Bromley my local team play in the equivalent Blue Square South and my Bromley supporting mate cant wait to play us in the Conference proper in two seasons time)
Parkinson has decided enough is enough and our punch- less forward line needs freshening up and Coyle will be the perfect replacement for the in effective
Mcleod who should have been sent off yesterday for a vicious assault on a Northwich player and looked totally out of his depth at this level, is set to be dropped and possibly off-loaded(wishful thinking on my part ) .

Expectations from 10 to zero

When I first started supporting Charlton in February 1967 we were a Second Division club with a healthy average attendance of nearly 12700 . My expectation was not too high then but playing second tier football was expected and any standard lower was considered unacceptable. Even in the 70's and 80's when we were relegated to the old third division, we or certainly I considered it a temporary blip . Over the last few weeks I have been reading with alarm a growing acceptance from some bloggers and supporters that promotion is not a realistic goal , mid-table mediocrity is the best we can expect considering the turbulent times and financial restraints the club has endured over the last three seasons.
Well fuck that, in the seventies and eighties we had a crap ground, crap support(Great supporters but too few of them) piddly squat funds, yet we still considered ourselves a second tier team. Automatic promotion will be deemed a success this season , anything else will be an absolute disaster. The team we have now is reasonably strong defensively and with a competitive midfield there is just one magic ingredient missing and that is striker of the caliber- equal to a Derek Hales , Mike Flanagan , Arthur Horsfield or even a Martin Robinson, actually any forward that can hit the back of the net on a regular basis from 6 yards .

This was written a few weeks ago

At last we have something to thank the Premiership For

Sometimes when I am driving to work, words spoken on the radio will start me thinking (my wife might say that's a first) and the other day on Talksport the most blatantly commercial station on the airwaves, the topic was how many overseas players are currently playing in the Premiership. The percentage is estimated to be 60% from around the world play regularly amongst the twenty Premiership clubs, which is an astonishing number. This does however
explain why I am pleasantly surprised at the standard of football in the third tier, which is way above what I was expecting this season . If Premiership teams have a majority of overseas players where do all the home grown players go to -well of course they drop down a league and so on . Last season some of the teams that played at the Valley are as good as First Division teams fifteen years ago. The standard of passing has improved beyond recognition and I think Charlton are leading the way by trying to play a good passing game most of the time . Many many years ago I watched Charlton play Third Division football and the standard was nowhere as good as it now but it seemed to be so much more enjoyable , I just loved watching Hales , Bob Curtis, Jim Dunn and Keith Peacock entertain us on a Saturday afternoon .
Harping back doesn't do any good but it is difficult.

Come on you Reds

Monday, 22 June 2009

Patrick Collins is a True Addick

One of the reasons -probably the only reason that I buy the The Mail On Sunday is to read their excellent sports section which includes the superb Patrick Collins Column. Over the years I can honestly say that I have agreed with 90% of Collins opinions and I so enjoy his straight to the point matter of fact writings. No punches are pulled and I often agree when reading his column almost to the point of shouting out"Thank goodness someone has so eloquently put into words exactly how strongly I feel about a particular sporting story". Of course what does help is that he is a fellow Charlton follower and if you ever get a chance to read some of his Match day reports you will feel his passion, totally unbiased of course for the club.
In this Sunday's Mail the following article appeared and confirms to me anyway that he really is a true Addick and I agree almost word for word with its content. One of the reasons that I have typed out the article is that its so bloody rare to read anything about our beloved Charlton in the daily tabloids. God how we all took it for granted.


British sport has few reasons to remember the summer of 2006. There was the World Cup in Germany, at which Englands WAGs made more impact than England,s footballers. There was a test series with Pakistan, which ended in Anarchy. There was the unwelcome return of Dwain Chambers . And that's about it. But for the followers of Charlton Athletic , there was one shining consolation . It was that moment in June when the Premier League fixtures were published -West Ham (a), followed by Manchester United at home. Then Bolton (h) and Chelsea (a). And that was August. Happy days. I remembered them last week when they brought out the fixtures for the Third Division. Its marketing title is 'The Coca Cola Football League Division One' but we all know it is DivisionThree. Anyway our August programme consists of Wycome Wanderers (h) Hartlepool (a) Leyton Orient (a) , Walsall (h) and Tranmere (a) . Be still my pounding heart. I have no wish to demean these excellent football clubs. They have earned their places in Division Three. The trouble is, so have we, And we never saw it coming. Years of solid achievement under the brilliant management of Alan Curbishley bred impertinent expectations. Why did we always finish halfway up the Premier League? Why had we never made Europe? was Curbishley the man to take us to another level? Charlton directors seemed affected by the mood. Having spent a decade or more acting the model for middle -sized football clubs, they spent the next two years behaving like all the rest. Curbishley was foolishly allowed to leave in March 06 and the rot set in. Iain Dowie was appointed and hung around for six months spending oceans of money on inept footballers. He was replaced by Les Reed, who stayed for six weeks. Enter Alan Pardew, who struck a few poses, made a few promises and produced two years of relentless mediocrity. By the time he left, Charlton were deep in Division Two and falling fast . Phil Parkinson was asked to keep the club afloat . He failed . They really had taken us to another level. Now I must apologise for this eruption of private grief, but the wounds are still raw. We, who once hovered on the fringe of Europe, are now routinely described as lowly unsung or worst of all plucky. And we hate it. And it all happened because a fine manager was carelessly undervalued and a capable board took its eye off the ball. It happened to my club , it could easily happen to yours. We do not seek miracles. We don't want a sheik or an oligarch turning up to hurl untold millions at our problems . We simply want people to run the place as it used to be run. So we contemplate the fixtures and the memories crowd in . Take September. Charlton's last match of the month is at home to Exeter. Three years ago it was the Arsenal. Funny old game.

Whether Curbishley could have been persuaded to stay if the financial backing that was given to Dowie was given to him we will never know.
The premiership is the only place to be and I struggle to get excited about third division football although I will follow the Reds for life. My fear is that In my life time I have already witnessed the greatest period in Charlton's history .

We all have to move on but at the moment I cant. Its so bloody painful viewing the fucking fixture list. Reading the football gossip column on the BBC website really brings it home because we don't get a piddly diddly squat mention. Three seasons ago, daily we would be included and I always found late June and July exciting because we would be linked with reasonably well known players priced at £3 million or more, now its more like £300 thousand and that's pushing it.

Come on you Reds.

Wednesday, 22 April 2009

The team is dead- Long live the team

Charlton 2 Cardiff 2

Confession time : I was all set to attend the Valley last night after work, but the work carried on and in the end I couldn't be arsed. I cant remember the last time I felt like that as there are normally good reasons for me not to attend home matches . Actually if I am being honest
the reasons are becoming more varied and excuses easier to come by.
Going by the Blog reports it seems as though a familiar theme was played out again last night. 1-0 or 2-0 lead squandered because we cant do the bloody basics- Michael Caine- one of the best lines ever in the Italian Job-( Your only supposed to blow the bloody doors off) as the practice run of blowing up the banks security van goes horribly wrong -a bit like Charlton defense these days.
Next season is going to be a real test for all Charlton supporters as we will be watching, virtually a new team with what I hope for, a new manager.
Shelvey will go to Wolves or another promoted club for £6 million, so will Bailey for £2.5 million,
Zi Zi will go on a free, Hudson will demand a transfer to a Championship Club. All the lonee's will go back to their respective clubs. Out of contract players will go, so we are left with three or four players to build the team around and that is Elliott , Holland, Sam who still disappoints and Fortune who really has to prove himself again ( actually I wouldn't be surprised to see him move to Stoke).

I'm so pissed off, it might be because I have an ear infection, an eye infection and I'm on powerful antibiotics. I blame it on Charlton as my immune system must be low through depression.
One thing has cheered me up though and that is we have suddenly become hooked on two US comedies- Everybody loves Raymond and Two and a Half Men on Channel 134 Virgin -Bloody brilliant and they knock our tame comedies for six.

A work colleagues son signs for the Academy last night

Owen Seddon 9 years of age and a striker -that's a name to remember, signed on the dotted line last night at the Valley, with his proud Mum in attendance and was duly photographed with Mark Kinsella . His Mum has promised me that she will bring in the photo tomorrow.
Apparently there have been rumours abound that the Academy will close if Charlton are relegated, but this proved to all the kids that the rumours are false.
I happened to mention Shelvey came through the Academy and she immediately said "Oh Jon Jo he's so lovely and all the kids love him" which must mean he obviously gets involved with the kids training which makes him even more endearing.

Murray- I hope he and the Board are able to ride out this recession
OK we all know that Richard Murray and the Board have been magnificent in their support of the club and they are still contributing to keep the club afloat. In these dark, depressing ball busting credit crunch times no one is immune . The worst case scenario could be that Murray's own business empire comes under severe financial pressure, even to the point of creditors knocking at the door. We are and will be eternally grateful for the massive contribution he and the rest of the Board has made to the running and up until now the great success it has brought the club.
The Company that I have worked for more than 35 years was established in 1870's . It is a family run business that has a Managing Director who is a descendant of the founder. Over the last 18 months and more importantly since the new year the Company has come under severe financial pressure. This has led to many redundancies and a wage cut which could never have been envisaged five years ago when the Company was in such a strong financial position. Unfortunately a Final Salary pension scheme which was closed many years ago has compounded and worsened the current situation. With all the cuts and re:budgeting and a possible sign of improvement in the economy, hopefully we will survive. The point I'm trying to make is- however well a business has been run over many fruitful years, a severe recession can and will hit the most successful of all business's leaving no one immune.
The similarities between the current recession and the great crash of 1929 are quite uncanny-
Over inflated share prices -easy lending -consumer boom spending brutally cut short when the Worlds economy went into free fall and was found out to have no substance . Money was being lent from borrowed money

Charlton 2 Blackpool 2
A busy day on Saturday saw me dash over to the Rose of Denmark after a frantic game of early morning tennis to meet up with some great Charlton Bloggers . Actually I needn't of rushed as I was drinking on my own for at least fifteen minutes, but that was OK as I got talking to a Blackpool supporter who was propping up the bar with me . He was surprised that their were two coaches that traveled from the Golden Mile. From that statement I can only assume that their away support is a bit limited but I certainly sympathised as its a hell of a journey (Just a pint was drunk before meeting the bloggers I might add, after which I had a little accident with a couple of half pints that were left on the bar for me this resulted in the mop coming out from behind the bar. Suitably embarrassed and apologetic my after thoughts were, ( what a waste of good beer!.)
We have some great Charlton Bloggers writing passionately about our sorry beleaguered club. In my naivety for a long time I thought I was the only person who really cared, but that was until I stumbled across all the great Blogs.

How strange was this match with a subdued crowd almost like losing gladiators excepting their fate as they are about to be dispatched. No booing and so little passion from the crowd watching a team destined for the third tier. I'm feeling numb as I type this and wonder where has it all gone so dramatically wrong in such a short space of time.
It was so bleeding obvious that the majority of the team that played on Saturday will have left by the summer, so the good play that was witnessed for 70 minutes really was a bit hollow .
We played well and Burton and Shelvey deservedly gave us a two nil lead, then on cue and the norm for this season, one mistake that's all it took for us to capitulate. A poor Zi Zi pass was intercepted and a stretched defense gave away a penalty, then to add insult to injury, Hughes finished brilliantly for the Tangerines with seconds left . However much his past is distasteful, Hughes showed how a striker should finish, something that has been so sorely missed this season.

Monday, 13 April 2009

Billy Ellott and the disappointment of a 0-0 draw

Charlton 0 Birmingham 0
Gutted -because of a very generous Birthday present (A Billy Elliott Super break) which meant missing this game and also a pre- pub drink with a few fellow Bloggers I did not find out the result until Sunday Morning. Our 3-2 win at Southampton last week had led me to work out some delusional permutations for Charlton avoiding relegation. Foolish I know but I think I'm a half glass full type of person most of the time, but today I'm definitely a whole glass empty.

Well the Superbreak package to London on Saturday proved to be a great success with the highlight of having great seats to see Billy Elliot on Saturday afternoon at the Victoria Palace Theatre. We were also booked into the Rubens Hotel opposite Buckingham Palace or nearly opposite the Palace for Saturday Night . We had been told not to expect Bacon and Sausage for our cooked breakfast, but of course it was a joke(apologies-apologies). Actually it was the one best breakfasts we have ever consumed on a hang-over morning. There was an unbelievable choice of every kind a breakfast food you could imagine. An hour later after consuming 1500 calories in one sitting we decided to walk a little of those delightful calories off with a walk through St James Park to watch - The Boat that Rocked in Leicester Square . Fortunately we booked great seats and thoroughly enjoyed the film, the music was just ( Fab).
At the age of ten I can remember tuning into Radio Caroline on a tiny transistor with very bad reception, but what the hell it was Pirate Radio and for that period in my life it felt a little anti- establishment. The Boat that Rocked is an OK movie, but just that. Certainly Slum Dog Millionaire is the best film I have seen this year, the only down side is that it is portrayed as a good feel movie which I feel it certainly is not.

Friday, 3 April 2009

Bang -ouch!- whats that noise- Oh! the Directors have just shot themselves in the foot.

What a PR disaster (the credit crunch is probably hitting our loyal supporters harder than anyone)

My season ticket cost me £475, for a comfortable seat with a great view in the East Stand. To meet that cost our household has to earn nearly £800. Last week we booked a weeks Bed & Breakfast in Portugal in June that cost a total for both of us of £280, and that includes flights( please forgive my carbon footprint- but I need a holiday)
Possibly I could be out of a job next year if this fucking recession carries on (Bastard Banks-apologies to anyone who works for a Bank) and although my wife is mostly understanding, attending Charlton home games after playing tennis in the morning does and has caused a bit of friction in our otherwise very happy and loving partnership.
We have now reached the stage in our lives when we can and want to travel and plan to see as much of the world before we are confined to our wheel chair's.( I'll still be playing tennis though) We have trawled the web-sights and found some fantastic deals on Travel Republic and we might even push the boat out and travel to Crete in September, which could cost us a total of £350 for a 4 star hotel.
There are no guarantee's that any holiday we take will be a great success but the anticipation and the looking forward to it worth a lot to us at the moment in these very desperate credit crunch times. Unfortunately anything Charlton basically depresses me -shit what am I saying I love Charlton and I know I would be happy watching a middle of the table Championship team with mixed performances consisting of a few great average and crap performances but with at least a chance of making the play-offs. This season I have not been able to identify with the club. Loan players are a necessity but the amount we have fielded this season has been just plain ridiculous.
You cannot have a rapport with players who are there mainly to get match fit.

What I am trying to say here is that by attending matches at the Valley, there has never been a guarantee of a high entertainment game, which is logical (it what makes football such a wonderful game and so unpredictable). Ironically I think the best game I have seen and probably the best Championship game seen on Sky this season, was our fabulous 4-2 win against Reading.
What high hopes after that performance, where did it all go wrong????. sob! sob!

Why didn't the board consider giving a discount of say 25% on season ticket prices for those long suffering loyal supporters who paid for a season ticket with their hard earned cash over the last two seasons and received very little entertainment value, especially this season. Football is all about winning or being at least in contention and of course being entertained . We all like to win but games where we have at least competed and been unlucky to draw or lose have been almost non-existent this season. Surely it would be better to reduce prices substantially and maybe keep attendances including floaters up to 17,000, rather than the 10,000, that I am anticipating next season.

Come on you Reds

Tuesday, 31 March 2009

Back to the Future Part 1- Part 2 and now Part 3


The last time we were relegated to the third tier was in 1979/80, with probably the poorest team ever to wear the famous red shirt until now. That season the team only amassed 22 pts from 42 matches, surely a record low for that division. P42 W6 D10 L26 F41 A78 pts 22, which was a massive 13 pts from safety . It was a dire season but with one big difference for me and that was I could identify and relate to those players and I felt that they were one of us feeling the pain. Today's team consist mainly of loan players who I have little rapport with .

1979/1980 Players of note
Nicky Johns . A great shot stopper
Lawrie Madden - Underrated and went on to have a great career with Sheffield Wednesday
Colin Powell - My Mums favourite along with Keith Peacock
Martin Robinson -Always worked his socks off
Phil Warman -Great character and surely if he was be playing today would be at least 2 stone lighter.
Derek Hales Say no more
Steve Gritt Never shy'd away from a battle but took a lot of stick from the Valley faithful
Phil Walker Always looked good on the ball, what he did with it was not always so good
Les Berry Old school and as skinny as Nicky Johns- good old Les
Peter Shaw Not the greatest but never really let Charlton down
Paul Walsh With only a handful of games towards the end of this dismal season he was the only shining light and I think we could see the potential in a great young player( he looked about twelve) who always looked so comfortable on the ball -The following season he was to become one of the most influential players along with Hales and Powell when we bounced straight back to Division Two .


Probably my most enjoyable and carefree time with total commitment as a Charlton supporter I can remember me and my Dad attended every home game . In 68/69 Charlton narrowly missed promotion finishing third behind Palace - Matt Tees (The skinniest football player ever) Ray Treacy along with Alan Campbell had the greatest season of their lives and the Original Mr Brick house Graham Moore controlled the midfield like a marine on an commando mission Brian Kinsey- Pictured right( -were players fit enough to do somersaults) what a full back -made it a fantastic season. The highlight for me was watching Ray Treacy score a thunderbolt against a very good Derby side then managed by the great Brian Clough . Being amongst 55, 000 at Highbury in the fourth round of the Old FA Cup (it meant something then) and even a 3-0 defeat was a memorable day out. At the time I think Arsenal were top of the First Division and Charlton were top of the Second for one week only.
The following season with higher expectations than normal we failed to live up to our potential and avoided relegation by beating Bristol City 2-1 on the last day of the season . Great celebrations amongst the 16,000 crowd and it was the first and only time I walked on the pitch . Strange but I recall many programmes and scarves being thrown in the air in sheer joy of the club avoiding relegation.

The next season was a total disaster with the club relegated by a point . Charlton last 10 matches of that season was P 10 W 0 D 3 L 7 which well and truly sealed our fate
1971/72 players of note
John Dunn Great Goalkeeper- Derek Bellotti ( He hardly ever dropped kicked the ball because he could throw it well over the half-way line and the crowd used to shout" throw it"and he would normally oblige)
Phil Warman Never gave up
Dennis Bond Mr Tubby actually not a bad footballer
Dietmar Bruck Built like a German Paratrooper
Keith Peacock What a great servant for the club
Ray Treacy One great season but still scored a lot of great goals in this disastrous season
Paul Went Another great reliable player who was at least three stone overweight
Peter Reeves Never ever stopped running
Bob Curtis The greatest full back never to have played in the top tier
D Shipperley A giant of a man and never took any prisoners
Players who you wonder how they ever made it in the professional game but they were great characters who always gave a hundred percent and we loved despite their lack of ability
Barry Endean, Cyril Davies and the great Dickie Plumb (what a name)

With an average gate of 7,200 and an opened East Terrace that in bad weather would freeze you to the bone, despite what was a cataclysmic season I still loved being there and I think that was something to do with my personal circumstances as well as the players. As free as a bird with no Mortgage, no regular girlfriend OK maybe for a short while, a job that was just a job with no particular commitment to it. Low expectations with any win met with shear joy.

My current circumstances might explain my apathy towards today's crises with our beloved club.

The great things in my life are a Wife and two -now adult children, a reasonable house and car , as the kids are older we are starting to travel and plan to catch up with Chicago Addick and surpass his travelling exploits (No chance unless we live to the ripe old age of 150)

I'm playing the best tennis of my life with three promotions this season(08/09) two with the vets to seal top tier tennis in Kent and playing for the under 45's mainly youngsters(in tennis that normally means about 30) and gaining promotion to the third tier.

Unfortunately my job is hanging by a thread as publishing is always the first a take a massive hit in any recession - fortunately its normally the first to come back. At nearly 53 I'm too young to retire but the job opportunities are almost impossible for any one over 50.

Charlton is a big part of my other life and will continue to be so but I like many other bloggers have declined writing about the club at the moment because my opinions are so negative and who the hell wants to read those sort of posts and I will only be stating the bleeding obvious anyway.

Come on you Reds - I need the good feel factor back in my other life supporting Charlton.
Next season I will buy match day tickets as I cannot justify spending over £400 in these dire financial times.

Come on You Reds

Wednesday, 28 January 2009

Feeling Glad All Over - Charlton 1 Palace 0

Yesterday morning my wife said to me" CND why don't you go to the gym instead of the Valley as I don't think I can take any more of your sullen, grumpy, bad moods after another Charlton defeat". Going to the the gym is a necessity, not necessarily a pleasure, as to be honest its pretty boring running on a tread mill for 30 minutes. The only reason I go is to keep my Blood pressure and Cholesterol under control as unfortunately there is a history of heart decease from my Mothers side of the family. Luckily my current Blood Pressure reading is 127/77 and Cholesterol 4.8, which is pretty good for a sedentary office worker like myself who is nearly 53. Anyway after far too much information , the sport I love and could play almost every day of the week is Tennis (Shame about Murray at the Aussi Open, but sun and stifling heat is bound to affect a very white Scottish born Brit who hardly saw the sun in his youth. So I nearly went to the gym but had a last minute change of heart and I'm so pleeeeeee'sssd I did. Having left it very late to leave the office, and being caught in traffic I just about managed to grab a couple of very decent pints of IPA at the Fox Under The Hill. Approaching the ground after parking the car near Charlton Park all I could hear was Palarce supporters singing what you would expect and my heart sank even further when I saw how many empty seats there were in all parts of the ground. Just before the kick off the covered end got their act together and out sang the hoards of Palace supporters with there rendition of Valley Floyd Road.
The Match
For the first 15 minutes we played as though we were the team chasing a play-off spot and we so deserved our opening goal . A disappointing Lloyd Sam caused panic in the Palace box from a good cross which was poorly dealt with and as the ball fell to Mathew Spring who produced a great volley to give the tubby Speroni no chance from 10 yards . Of course, as we have done most of the season at the Valley, we start brightly, score a cracking goal then go into panic mode and sit back and invite the opposition to attack, which fortunately, on this occasion was very poor and Palace only produced one decent shot that Elliott did very well to save with his feet.
It was not a great match but I couldn't care a tuppence as we just needed a win. The tension at times was unbearable and I'm sure my blood pressure for most of the match was at 180/110 , which can be heart attack level. The defense was magnificent the whole ninety minutes with Hudson the pick of the back four. He hobbled most of the match but every tackle and header was timed to perfection. Matt Holland came on for the unfortunate Fortune who may well be out for the season. A special mention for such an underrated player who gives everything every game -Matt Holland, not spectacular, but a real trooper who never shy's away from any situation . What a hero in the back four he was, and it was so nice to hear most of crowd sing" There is only one Matty Holland". Dickson came on for Gray and I do wish he would start as he seems to unsettle defences with his unorthodox running and pace and he created a great chance from virtually nothing towards the end of the match. After holding out for ninety minutes, the five minutes of injury time seemed like an eternity, but the boys managed to hold out and all credit to them, the celebrations from Hudson and especially the home grown Elliott brought tears to my eyes.
This result means there is a glimmer of light at the end of the tunnel but what sort of team can we can field at Burnley as it is very disconcerting after all the injuries to the back four.

Warnock made a valid point after the match and I quote
"Charlton players should disgusted with themselves. "
If they'd put that effort in when Alan Pardew were here they'd not be in the position they are in now"
To be honest the same thing happen last season.
Great celebrations at the end by the management but all could be worthless if we are relegated.

Elliott 8 Not a lot to do but kept his head and made a great save in the second half.
Murty 8 He still has pace for a 34 year old and I hope we can sign him permanently
Fortune 7 Good game -unfortunately injured for the season now.
Holland 9 Magnificent in the unaccustomed position in the back four
Hudson 9 Captain Fantastic
Youga 7 Did most things right
Sam 6 Looked out of sorts
Spring 7 Good buy and I have high hopes for him-looks good on the ball and of course scored the all important goal
Bailey 7 Did a job
Soares 7 A good debut in a difficult match
Gray 6 A very hard game for him
Burton 8 Best game so far and held the ball up well, he and was a nuisance through out
Dickson 7 The crowd love him and he needs to start the next match

Friday, 16 January 2009

Miracles do happen -Captain Parkinson

NY Addict has already reported on this event but I would like to add my bit.
Brilliant, fantastic, unbelievable, is the only way to describe the New York Plane Crash which resulted, due to the heroics of Captain Chesley 'Sully' Sullenberger with every passenger and crew escaping with their lives, when he made the perfect crash landing in the Hudson River. You would think that every passenger on board thought their number had been called, but miraculously there were no deaths or serious injuries.
Although Captain Chesley 'Sully' Sullenberger is a hero I don't think many passengers will be keen to name any future children they may have after his name as a sign of appreciation and extreme gratitude.

As all passengers and crew survived without serious injury may I be so flippant as to associate those happenings overseas with our plight at the home of Charlton Athletic. Miracles do happen and I now call upon Captain Parkinson and crew to achieve the same and keep our club afloat and survive the Championship. I know its a poor analogy but a good feel story and event needs to be spread.
Come on you Reds.

Sunday, 11 January 2009

Charlton 0 Forest 2 (Im getting used to seeing us lose)

Never have I felt so cold at a football match with the temperature at 2c below freezing. Actually the last time it was a freezing day was against Ipswich Town in another lifetime, when even Dien Kiely wore tracksuit bottoms and what a fantastic comeback that day, after being 2-0 after fifteen minutes eventually winning 3-2. One of the highlights was seeing the great George Costa playing as though his life depended on it and we came away with a glow on our faces and a feeling of sheer joy.
Yesterday we started brightly against an ordinary Forest team who should have been 2-0 down after five minutes. Twice the impressive Shelvey put Burton clear, who on a better day would have dispatched both efforts. Murty and Spring both looked up for the game and I was especially impressed with Murty . The bloke next to me said, after we had dominated totally for the first thirty minutes "you know whats going happen Forest will have one attack and score" Low and behold that's what happened . A tame cross was mis-headed by Hudson straight to Forests Paul Anderson who's miss hit shot deflected straight into the path of Natham Tyson , who could not miss. Ok it was bad defending, but boy we we were unlucky, because Andersons shot could have gone anywhere. A good save a minute later from Smith from a great volley by Shelvey had us jumping out of our seats but of course a harmless punt from Forest led to Holland making a terrible header back to his goalkeeper or Hudson not sure what he was trying to do but Earnshaw latched on to it and put it away nicely. Shit! the crowd went quiet and I now think we have all excepted our fate. At Half-Time I went to get a hot drink and I have never seen people so cold and all so apathetic. The second was as frigid as the weather and it was really game over. we did not deserve to lose this game but when your at the bottom every bit of luck you need seems to desert us. Listening to Steve Brown on Radio London on the way back home he said" Charlton are down and it really hurts him to have to say it. Actually I do think he put himself forward for the Managers job -I think he could do no worse than Parkinson and he is Charlton through and through.

Elliot 7 Touched the ball about 6 times
McEveley 7 Had a good game
Hudson 6 To many errors , and looks the shadow of the player he was at the beginning of the season.
Fortune 6 Average
Murty 7 I was impressed he has pace and enthusasum -Maybe injured as he took a knock late on.
Ambrose 5 What a waste of talent
Spring 6 I think he will be good for us in the 3rd Division
Holland 5 Such a costly error - looks depressed
Sam 5 Again what a waste
Shelvey 8 Only bright spot how long can we hang on to him
Burton 5 If only

We must now play the youngsters
The pain is going, it doesn't hurt as much as it did.

Saturday, 10 January 2009

If I'm up for the game today- the players and management bloody well better be

Well this is it today-win or bust. My tennis match has been cancelled , as the courts are not only frost bound, there is still snow on them from last Monday . Min temperature went down to ( -9.7c) last night, for our American bloggers 14.5f, and I am surprised the Valley pitch will be frost free and playable, as it is not expected to go much above freezing today.
Last night I watched The Rocky Horror Picture Show on DVD and I was surprised that the film was made in 1975. You have to join in with "Lets do the time warp again " and blimey we could certainly associate that song with our club and the title of the film. . Unless a miracle happens we will be playing 3rd Division Football again as we did in 1975, the only difference from then and now is that we have a super stadium, but probably our finances are in a worse state now. Oh! how we have slid down the slippery slope and I feel that 15 years of hard graft has been blown away in 24 months . Its a bit like snakes and ladders, it took us a long time to get near the top but on the last throw we hit the snake and have fallen all the way down again , so we have to start again.
Hard to reconise the team but that probably goes for the players as well.
It will be a cold afternoon, but I am predicting we will all feel a lot warmer after 5pm .

Charlton 2 Forest 0 ( Bailey, Holland.) Attn 18.561 (The start of the recovery)