Saturday, 10 January 2009

If I'm up for the game today- the players and management bloody well better be

Well this is it today-win or bust. My tennis match has been cancelled , as the courts are not only frost bound, there is still snow on them from last Monday . Min temperature went down to ( -9.7c) last night, for our American bloggers 14.5f, and I am surprised the Valley pitch will be frost free and playable, as it is not expected to go much above freezing today.
Last night I watched The Rocky Horror Picture Show on DVD and I was surprised that the film was made in 1975. You have to join in with "Lets do the time warp again " and blimey we could certainly associate that song with our club and the title of the film. . Unless a miracle happens we will be playing 3rd Division Football again as we did in 1975, the only difference from then and now is that we have a super stadium, but probably our finances are in a worse state now. Oh! how we have slid down the slippery slope and I feel that 15 years of hard graft has been blown away in 24 months . Its a bit like snakes and ladders, it took us a long time to get near the top but on the last throw we hit the snake and have fallen all the way down again , so we have to start again.
Hard to reconise the team but that probably goes for the players as well.
It will be a cold afternoon, but I am predicting we will all feel a lot warmer after 5pm .

Charlton 2 Forest 0 ( Bailey, Holland.) Attn 18.561 (The start of the recovery)

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Chicago Addick said...

Correct score CND :(

Just checked btw, Chicago last 4f, but oh Bermuda was 69f :)