Friday, 25 April 2008

Who's laughing now-Certainly not me

Incredibly busy at work trying to deal with my Company's year-end, the AGM and suffering some kind of depression on the outcome of this very disappointing season, has meant there has not been much time or incentive to write anything, but hey-ho life goes on- worse things happen at sea. Unfortunately there is one thing that is really getting my goat and that is the way we played the Palarce. The Chairman, the manager and the players approached both games as though it was a cup-final and their lives depended on the results -don't they know you need to play 46 cup-finals to get out of this poxy division. We played them the way Scotland play England- win at all costs and the Scots would rather beat England in a friendly than win the World Cup. If we had lost both matches 6-0 to the Palace, but still reached the play-offs it would have been fine by me. God how the Orange one must be laughing all the way to his private room at the Savoy .
There is nothing in this current team that suggests any sought of promotion push next season. We need to look in the lower leagues for up and coming players with something to prove, not Premiership has-beens. Curbishley brought some great lower league players into the club and a few went on to be legends.
Unfortunately I have to agree with Confidential the glory years may well be over, but
I'm in for the long haul so -Come on you Reds

Having just watched Dave Roberts of Charlton Forever (who does a fantastic job on the blogs-many thanks) on video, curiosity has got the better of me and I have been trawling the West ham blogs trying too find out more about Pardew and his so called misdemeanors which led to his sacking. Please e:mail me with any information. I'm a bit of a sad git really.

Thursday, 17 April 2008

As the Hope Dies -What next ?????

At least we managed to get to the last four games with something to play for and now the season is over I hope Pardew is making plans already for next season. If anyone has enjoyed this season, well good on ya as I'm as sure bloody well haven't. Our home form has been crap and only three games spring to mind whereby we have dominated almost the whole 90 minutes -Blackpool , Stoke, Palarce-the other games we have always looked vulnerable and got away with a win or a draw through the oppositions bad finishing.
Last Saturday morning after finishing a tennis match in the bar I got talking to the opponents captain who confessed to being an Ipswich fan and also just happened to be at the Valley when we defeated Ipswich 3-1. His opinion of Charlton and the fans- I just had to agree with. Firstly he thought the atmosphere was muted considering Charlton were 3-0 ahead, secondly he agreed we were brilliant for 30 minutes but after that Ipswich could and should have got something out of the game after hitting the post, bar and missing a penalty.
It is difficult for me to remember any other season where we have been so inconsistent at home, even in the dark old days the Valley was a bit of a fortress -Glover Peacock Hales Powell and many others always gave us hope and excitement , this season its been mostly as dull as ditch water. That has to change next season if we are to challenge for promotion.
Saturdays game was again a tale of two halves -first half crap after Randolph's slip up that basically stalled the bright start we made-the second half a lot better but still not as convincing as it should have been for a home team. A great turnout with the ground almost full and the home fans getting behind the team until everyone was stunned by the Southampton goal. For me goalkeepers should have a presence and command the six yard box or even further, be at least 6ft 1ins tall . James , Seamen , Banks and Jennings all have or had command of the box which gives the back four confidence , Randolph looks slight and under 5ft 10ins and under pressure looked vulnerable all afternoon. I'm sure he is a good shot stopper but so is Weaver who again is a goalkeeper who is a bit of a Dracula . This in my opinion, is the type of team we need for next season.

Goalkeeper -Weaver average season -You need a goalkeeper to be good to exceptional for promotion

Defense- We have the makings of a good solid defense with Moutakil, Bougharra, McCarthy
and Youga.

Midfield Keep Holland for experience -We must buy a ball winning young dynamic midfielder
and and stating the obvious a player with skill .

Forwards A Bloody Goalscorer.

Friday, 11 April 2008

The Trouble with Season Tickets and a bit of Friendly Banter

Season Tickets

The trouble with season tickets is if you want to go with someone who can only go four or five times a season it will prove impossible to sit together. My son and a couple of mates from my tennis club have asked several times this season if its possible to come along to a match but with me having a designated seat it is not much fun sitting on your own - I may well enquire at the club if there are flexible seats for season ticket holders- mind you if we fail to gain promotion this season it may well not be a problem anymore . It could be like a half full cinema -Yes Sir sit anywhere you like.


The good thing about people who are supporters of the great game, it can be an easy way to start a good working relationship. I'm the buyer of paper for three or four magazines my Company publish and a couple of years ago I changed supplier . When we were negotiating a deal I happened to notice the supplier had a QPR key ring and it was a bit like you show me yours and I'll show you mine as we both held up our club key rings. Ever since then its been friendly banter either by phone or e:mail.
Here are a few recent examples .

Hi Paul

Here are your latest and very late reports! I will update these before
our visit on 22/04. It is close to the big game would you like me to
check the availability of tickets to make the much talked about visit to

Thanks & Regards


Hi Ken
Thanks for the reports-I'm up for a visit to
Lofty Road as long as we are not in the home end because its going to
very difficult for me not to jump out of my seat after every Charlton

Regards Paul

Hi Paul,

I will check out availability and see if we can get some nice seats next
to Jack the Knife, Phil The Gun and Stu the Sword, but trust me I won't
mention your allegiance...

I will let you know as soon as possible.


Not the funniest of exchanges but it makes for an easy working relationship. Actually I think if we beat Southampton there is going to be a full house at Rangers.

Our Managing Director of our South Coast Office is a Southampton supporter and was hoping to come a long with me on Saturday but alas the season ticket gets in the way. I'm in a dilemma- do I renew or buy match day tickets on a regular basis for next season ???????????????

Tomorrows game

Charlton 4 Southampton 1 Lita 2 Iwelumo 2 attd. 25,621

Come on you Reds

Sunday, 6 April 2008

Crazy Uk weather Just like Charlton

On Thursday I was sitting in the garden with a coffee and it was 18c this morning its -1c and we have about 5ins of snow now.

Saturday, 5 April 2008

Bloody Hell Plymouth 1 Charlton 2

What are they trying to do to us- down to 10 men after 3 minutes -Weaver sent off -rookie goalkeeper- go 1-0 down after 60 mins then Lita scores two to win the match . We will all be saying its the hope that's gets you- well its all back on again. What a magnificent win and of course the dream is still alive -bloody hell. CND is stunned and if only if only- head in hands.
I have now had a beer and calmed down and my hands are not in my head. Could a miracle occur as I had already written this season off - everything has to go our way and you never know it could go down to goal difference .
Come on you Reds

Tuesday, 1 April 2008

Pardew Reads our Blogs

What a surprise this morning when I opened my CND E:mail box, out of two thousand one really caught my eye. It was a long e:mail from our now suffering manager Alan Pardew. Apparently he came across my Blog by accident after volunteering to help a family member, who is studying a Degree course on the Campaign for Nuclear Disarmament . He is helping he/she research on the Web and after typing CND on Google , my Blog came up. With all the Links on my page he has been reading quite a few of my favourite Blogs for sometime and is amazed how informative unbiased and well written they are. He is however very much aware of how things have not gone according to plan this season, but has assured me that he is here for the long haul . He is wondering however- how does he get rid of his horrible new nickname The Tinkerman .
He actually had a little joke with me about how NYA is being investigated for hacking and thought Chicago Addick ran a travel agency, as his traveling exploits are so well written and informative he is already planning to spend his summer/ sorry late spring holidays in the Windy City . He was very saddened to read of the demise of the Frankie Valley Blog until I advised him that Frankie had taken his Doctorate in Psychiatry and is now known as Doctor Kish. After that news , under anonymous he will be seeking therapy. He also thinks that Wyn Grant should become the official world ambassador for CAOD -Charlton Athletic Overseas Development because WG has surely visited every Country in World. He thinks all the blogs are great but did have one little criticism about mine which was to make sure to use spell check more often ! and maybe check up on that grammar.
Thanks very much Alan.