Tuesday, 28 August 2007

The feel good factor

Luckily my wife can read me like a book and if she knows Charlton are playing, always asks me after a match "how did they do ", she will know instantly if Charlton have won . It has often been reported that productivity and good feeling increase in factories and offices when
the local football team win over a weekend. Well I have been feeling good today and also had time to read back on my match report. The trouble is, although we have two computers in our household I still have a hell of a fight to get 20 minutes to myself, so spelling and grammar sometimes go out of the window, but I suppose, as long as the gist of the post is OK, maybe I can be excused.
My son is having his 18th Birthday bash on Saturday, so I will be unable to attend the Palarse game, but to be honest, as long as I can go to 20 or more home games, I will be quite content. We will disappear for the night to the Cinema and a late night Chinese after doing most of the preparations and return to our house, hopefully still in one piece(the house that is). Although feeling good today, I'm also feeling rather ancient, my son tells me I am occasionally, in an affectionate way of course. It seems just like yesterday I was holding his hand, taking him to Infants School.

Saturday, 25 August 2007

The end of a perfect day Charlton 3 Wednesday 2

After getting back from a sensational match at the Valley, I do wonder why I put myself through such agony and ecstasy, but I suppose its what makes life interesting, although it does nothing for the blood pressure . After a game of tennis in the morning and a pint at my club, I arrived early and parked my car next to Charlton Park and had a leisurely stroll through the park and it doesn't get any better than this, with the sun shinning for the first time in a week making everything look so colourful and vibrant. Filled with exuberant anticipation of a home win I approached the The East Stand entrance and for the first time this season passed through the turnstiles, bought a programme and mingled with the fans, before buying a pint and a pastie, I'm back to basics when I go to the Valley and I love it. It is hard to believe we are in the Championship as everything points to the fact, we belong in the Premiership(would not of said that 20 years ago) A perfect start to the afternoon, until the match starts. Jekyll and Hyde springs to mind when watching this match . I have never seen such a inadequate first-half performance from a Charlton team, we were literally all over the place, so disjointed it looked as though the players had just turned up, put their kit on and didn't know who was who. Sometimes the play was so elaborate we went backwards rather than forwards . Reid and Ambrose got caught on the ball trying to be too clever several times and after 15 minutes we were deservedly 2-0 down. The first goal was well taken from 20 yards by O,Brien, after a defensive mix-up and the second a complete giveaway as Wednesday's Spurr had a free header from a corner. At this stage I could see no way back and despair was creeping in amongst the crowd. Iwelumo was the best Charlton player, as he was winning everything in the air but to no avail, as the other players around him just didn't look interested . On the 44th minute, Thatcher took a knock and sometimes you need a big slice of unexpected luck, because ZZ came on and from then on Charlton were a different team. After the crowd booed the players off at half-time, which I never agree with, because it doesn't do any good, as I'm sure the players are feeling bad enough anyway and it certainly isn't a confidence booster . At half time I went to get a bottle of water and the mood was not good and I heard several fans criticising the Board and Manager. Just as I was about to return to my seat I heard one fan say "You know I wouldn't be surprised if we don't turn it around and win 3-2" , I smiled to myself and thought I wish .
The second half was a completely different story and Wednesday were on the back foot from the off . The crowd sensed this and really got behind the team and became the twelve man . After several good moves Reid slotted home a well taken goal from just inside the box and the after 67
minutes, with Charlton dominating Iwelumo tucked away a glorious equaliser
and the icing on the cake was an even better taken goal by Iwelumo who eluded several Wednesday players to slot home a great winner. Who said he cant play on the floor. Jumping out of my seat I noticed an old boy across from me, doing a sking impression, as least I thought he was. Great jubilation to end a very exciting match.
My marks out of 10 for the players.

Weaver 6- he's what I call a line keeper -that's fine as long as the defenders know this-they didn't in the first half
Thatcher 5 Not firing on all cylinders
McCarthy 8 Rallied the team in the second half and he is passionate and showed his appreciation to the fans especially in the East Stand.
Bougherra 7 Still think he will be proved to be a good signing . Must be feeling good this morning after all the stick he took from Wednesday fans.
Fortune 6 Just not sure of his motivation -looks too casual -played OK
Thomas 8 Wednesday had two defenders on him as soon as he got the ball-Great second half
Ambrose 7 Tried to be too clever but helped to create some good openings.
Samedo 7 Could be the find of the season
Reid 8 Ran his socks off and was the most skilled player on the park.
Bent 6 Strange but I thought he was doing OK, bet he was surprised when he was subbed
at half-time
ZZ 9 For me he changed the game, has a great touch and never stops running.
Iwelumo 9.5 What a handful and with this display has surly guaranteed a starting place .
Tordorov 8 Great touch held the ball up well class act.

Come on you Reds

Thursday, 23 August 2007

Is this poxy summer going to scupper our early form

We are suffering the worst and wettest summer in living memory and I don't know if New York is still on vacation in the UK, because when he arrived the weather improved, but now its damp cold and more like November . Passing teams like grass not mud to strut their stuff and I have this horrible feeling that most pitches are cutting up two months a head of normal.
May, June, and July broke all rain records and is continuing into August. Big clumsy teams don't mind the mud, but our footballing play makers hate it. We still need to play football, and Pardew is very aware we need players that don't mind getting dirty and we still need that midfield
player, who will mix it with the roughest.
My first visit to the Valley with my new season ticket this Saturday and I am really looking forward to it, although I feel the match against Sheffield Wednesday is a must win game for both teams, so I will be incredibly nervous.
Finger nails bitten to the core Charlton 2 Sheffield Wednesday 1
Come on you Reds.

Saturday, 11 August 2007

Who will beat us

It is very refreshing to look at the fixture list and realise we are capable of beating anyone in the league. After many years in the Premiership and picking a handful of games from the start of a season, that were must win games, the next 15, you hoped for draw and the rest we really didn't have a hope. The Championship really is an exciting league and when you see that 70% of clubs are capable of making the play-offs, you think, this is what competition is all about . Most clubs will be looking at the three relegated sides from the premiership and think it would be a really good scalp if we can win that one , but all will think its achievable. My prediction for this season is

1st Wolves
2nd Charlton
3rd Sheffield United -Play-off winners beating Watford.

Come you Reds.

Thursday, 9 August 2007

Two Great Signings

What a good piece of Business by Pardew and Charlton, not only on the playing part but commercially as well. ZZ has a massive Chinese following and I wouldn't be surprised if there is some sort of TV Deal in the pipeline to show more Charlton Matches on Chinese TV , you heard it here first. Actually the times I did see ZZ play I thought he wasn't far off what has been missing from our midfield. The pressure I think got to him and we will see the best of him this season.
Izale Mcleod is also a great signing and I did see him score a few goals on Sunday Morning goals on ITV. The forward line now has the potential to score a hat full of goals and I think we will not only finish top but score the most goals -Brave words from me.
As for Diawara, who wants a player that does not want to play for the club even though his Agent influenced the move. If Diawara wanted to stay he would have done.

Thursday, 2 August 2007

Holiday Season

Well our first holiday on our own, as the teens no longer want to be with us, as we can be a bit of an embarrassment and have even been asked to walk behind them on occasions, as though we are not with them. They have both gone camping so I thought I would book a luxury break in the Cotswolds- Gloucester to be precise . Booked it about a month ago on a special pre-paid deal before the monsoons decided to become stationery over poor old Tekesbury and Gloucester. We feel incredibly sad for the poor souls who have lost everything, so our gripe with the big man up stairs seemed a bit fraudulent . After a bit of gentle persuasion that could have erupted into a full scale war I manged to persuade the hotel group to transfer the booking to Norwich, the driest place in the country at the moment, talk about tempting fate. The Broads should be very nice at this time of the year . Norwich City a bit like us really-family club.

Come on you Reds-Anticipation rules.