Wednesday, 31 December 2008

We have a new manager

A New manager
Just got back from the gym which means I will feel less guilty for the blow out I will have tonight.
Anyway hot news that probably everyone has heard -we have a new manager and guess what! his name is Phil Parkinson. Oh well lets hope he can settle things down and really put his name to the new team. This actually looks like a forced decision due to finances and probably a lack of cheap suitable candidates. Crap almighty, what a bloody mess and who could have ever anticipated such a downfall in 36 months. Forest will be my next game and I will get behind the team as usual but Christ its not something I am looking forward to . We so desperately need those three points and if ever there is a game to start a run then this is surely it.

Come on Reds. Please-

Happy New Year to one and all.

Sunday, 28 December 2008

Dont panic Mr Mannering but were doomed I tell ye were doomed

Yes we are but from the ashes we will rise again and I for one will still support our wonderful club who over many years has given me such joy, heartache and most of all something to believe in, be it good or bad. We have to look to the future and basically start again with new management and dare I say it, a new Board. All good things come to an end. Great managers are hard to come by and I would like pay tribute to two past managers, Sir Lennie Lawrence and Alan Curbishley , surely now both proven with out doubt to be the greatest managers in the history of Charlton Athletic, but I would also like to pay homage to the greatest Board the club has ever had, which is the current one. Mr Murray, you have done as much as any Chairman could do and you have ear'nt your well deserved retirement. A new era is about to be begin, so Come on you Reds and I wish everyone a Happy New Year .

Wednesday, 10 December 2008

Lady Luck has deserted us - Charlton 1 Coventry 2

Arriving at the Valley last night on a cold, damp, freezing night I thought to myself, if ever there was an opportunity for us to kick-start our season and get a result, then surely Coventry City are the team we should be playing. At the moment it feels as though we are playing the roulette table and covering every number bar one and guess what that number comes up. We are hitting the wire on the dart board to miss the treble twenty- two out of three throws. We back the favourite only for the horse to fall at the last jump.
Coventry were poor, but unfortunately we were poorer. The bad luck I'm talking about occurred in the second half, when after we equalised from the penalty spot(Burton ) , which not only raised the spirit of the crowd , the players seem to have an extra spring in their step. Unfortunately a minute later, a silly foul gave Coventry a free-kick from 35 yards, which was hit well by Fox, but I thought Weaver was slow to react and of course it hit the post and flew into the other corner. I'm trying to be optimistic but in all honesty, this is the most difficult time in more than twenty years being a Charlton supporter.
In the first half an injury to McEveley after 13 minutes upset the balance of the team and his replacement Semedo who in my opinion, is far better as a holding midfield player. Coventry really had to do very little to hold a very stagnant and tepid Charlton side clearly lacking in confidence, never more evident, than by watching Nicky Bailey who is shadow of the fresh faced enthusiastic player he first was when we signed him. Weaver hardly touched the ball but unfortunately the Coventry keeper (Westwood) also had nothing to do . Of course we could see it coming, instead of taking the game to Coventry we sat back almost in a trance and the only worth while attack resulted in a goal for Coventry after 40 minutes . A great cross from Fox was put away neatly by Simpson and the home crowd went as quite as I have ever known . Not one player out of the 22 deserved any more than a four star rating. In the second half, apart from the first 5 minutes it was very much a repeat of the first.
As I left the Valley along the Woolwich Road, past the empty buses from Medway Kent I wondered how long before our new found supporters tire of the long journey to see a depressing inept performance. I didn't boo, I didn't scream and shout but I got behind the team when I saw effort and passion, unfortunately last night there was very little evidence of it.
Sad times for a club that 36 months ago was holding its own in the Premiership. We need a break and something to go our way, surely our luck will turn.

Come on you Reds.

Tuesday, 9 December 2008

Positive-Positive-Positive- COME ON YOU REDS

I haven't posted for a few weeks as my thoughts and feelings about my beloved Charlton have been so negative . What is the point of posting negative posts when at this traumatic time, not only in our season but our Illustrious history the club need all the collective support it can get.
All sorts of unbelievably gross scenarios have been played out in my mind, then the positive kicks in. There are some similarities to A Christmas Carol which we watched on a lazy Sunday afternoon.

The Negative:
(Ive been neglecting Charlton although work has been manic )

No. 1 Charlton finish bottom -Millwall are promoted and Palace make the Premiership via the play-offs.

No. 2 Charlton go into administration and free-fall all the way to the Conference.

No. 3 Charlton go into receivership and are wound- up as bankrupt. A new club is formed called Charlton Rovers and start a new life in Rymans Division Two.

The Positive (I'm back and I will not miss a another home game all season)

No. 1 Players suddenly hit form and go on a fantastic run that sees Charlton make the play-offs .

No. 2 Unpopular for some -Alan Curbishley takes over until the end of the season and sees us to safety, then gets his wish to manage in the Premiership again.

No. 3 We only get 34 points all season but 3 teams go into administration and are each deducted 19 points, we are saved.

Father Christmas needs to make an early visit to the Valley tonight and inspire the lads to a 2-0 win. Hopefully I can leave work early tonight and grab a couple of pints before the game, then at least I will have had some comfort from tonight's proceedings if all goes pear-shaped. It wont positive- positive- positive

Charlton 2 Coventry 0 Holland -Gray

Attn 16, 975 (Its going to be 3 degrees below freezing tonight)

Monday, 24 November 2008

What a mess but as always Come on You Reds

Gutted, despondent, finding it difficult to be motivated, that is how I feel at the moment, but I still support my team, because Charlton are in my blood and I have been through far worse in my 40 years of supporting the club.

Who do we blame for the right royal mess we are in. Luckily work has been manic and I have been distracted from the the horror show of the last two weeks. I was in the office listening on my computer to the nightmare unfolding at the Valley and at 1-4 Pardew was gone, doesn't take a genius to work that one out. The Board tried their best to replace Curbishley (no easy task) and Pardew who I thought at the time was a super choice . There has always been a bit of a niggle and doubt in my mind about Pardew. Was he made an offer he couldn't refuse on Christmas Eve 2006, as he did tell the media he wanted a break from football, but Charlton forced the issue and changed his mind. So was there a reluctance right from the start. Hindsight is a wonderful thing and how many times have we said to ourselves if only I knew then what I know now. Pardew did his best , the fans did there best and the Board did there best when you consider they had not replaced a manager for 15 seasons.( Unless you count Steve Gritt in 1996) but it has failed miserably. Are we any better off than 12 years ago????? Yes we are, with a super ground, a better fan base-minus the boo'ers, all we need is a decent, driven, motivated manager.

Expectation! how can I bury it and just pretend I can live with the current situation. Can I be satisfied if we avoid relegation, then look forward to next season .
By nature I am competitive and I have to confess that I have always put playing sport above watching my beloved Charlton, but I have always tried my best to work round it. When I first went to senior school I made the school first eleven and held that position for six years which was great because the matches were played at 10am which meant in the afternoon I could watch Charlton play. After leaving school I carried on playing football but the unfortunate side to that was I missed some Charlton matches because invariably in the winter 2.00pm were normal kick-off times. Once I gave up playing football, it has been easier, but playing tennis does come first so if that makes me a plastic I apologies, but over the last 4 seasons I have been to 90% of home games. Why am I telling you this, don't really know, maybe I'm depressed and need some counseling, probably most of us Charlton supporter could do with some therapy. Once a Charlton supporter always a Charlton supporter.

Come on you Reds.

Wednesday, 5 November 2008

The Dawn of a New Era and Im not talking about Charlton

Well it happened last night and America has changed forever-what a wonderful event which hopefully will make America seem a far more liberal, enticing and open Country and be seen in a softer light through out the World. Not since Kennedy has so much excitement been felt on these shores. Of course Kennedy was not an Obama because he got away with his womanising and possibly a bit of corruption in the voting to oust Nixon in 1960. But Obama like Kennedy was, is a great public speaker and that possibly is the only connection they have. Obama is nobodies puppet but he has promised his daughter a puppy for the White-House.
Last week on a rainy Thursday night twelve of us hardy club tennis players sat round a large table with a beer in hand and talked about the American election. The usual banter with a few jokes thrown in (not aimed at anyone in particular) made for a lively debate . Unfortunately the main conclusion is that Obama wont survive his term -what a terrible thought that some crazed Southern Redneck might end the dream. Lets hope that the family man who typifies the American dream that anyone of any race can make it to the top wont be cruelly cut down . What morbid thoughts and I can find a connection with Obama and Pardew . When it was announced Pardew had become the new manager of Charlton I was so happy I could hardly sleep that night(-Actually it was Christmas Eve so maybe it was because I wanted to catch Santa delivering my presents) but I thought a new dawn, a new era for my beloved club has began. Oh hell! what a shame my dreams of a new Charlton have been cruelly dashed. My hunch is Obama will succeed where Pardew has failed.

Tuesday, 4 November 2008

I feel sorry for Pardew-But

Ok! I know he is on a fantastic salary, that we can only dream of, and he probably owns a nice big house in Surrey but his life at the moment must be one of a living nightmare. When things go wrong at work for me, I feel the pressure and might often have a sleepless night or so . Pardew must be thinking his world has turned upside down, being sacked by West Ham early in a season is a body blow, but he still managed to retain his reputation and some respect from the West Ham faithful, who I think thought it was far to early in the season for him to be sacked . Now there are 20,000, Charlton fans wanting him out. To be sacked by Charlton, a Championship club early in his second season or two and a half seasons with his reputation in taters and ninety nine percent of Charlton fans, ready to kick him out the door, must seem to him as though he has landed in the middle of Baghdad. Maybe he is arrogant and will blame the Board for the clubs demise, but surely in his heart of hearts he must know it just hasn't worked out and he is failing miserably. So if he has any sense of dignity, pride and maybe heart he should make an honorable decision to meet the Board half-way and leave by mutual consent, exactly like Aidy Boothroyd has done at Watford. Pardew is a good manager and I think his past proves that but sometimes you have to hold your hands up and admit- on this one I have failed and I cannot justify my position, if he does resign, I think he has a chance of salvaging some respect by his own admittance.
By leaving now it will give a new manager a chance to salvage this season, possibly similar to what happened at Palace last season.

Sunday, 2 November 2008

Gutted disallusioned Depressed and thats just the weather


The beer at The Rose of Denmark and meeting Blackheath Addick and friends were definitely the highlight of the day(but must apologies profusely for not meeting up with one of our best post a comment contributors Pembury Addick ) although the tennis in the morning despite the rain was pretty good too. Surprisingly as the rain got heavier just before kick off , the mood was one of optimism, soon to be dispelled rather quickly , two minutes after kick-off to be precise.
Why! am I so shocked by our performance today as I have seen it many times in my Charlton supporting life and unfortunately on this consistency it has been usually in a relegation season. I was trying to write something positive last night but gave up, but fortunately my mood is a lot better this morning. We are not a team , we lack pride and passion and certainly there are too many players on the park who are not willing to give all for the shirt. The guy next to me was feeling guilty by saying in way I hope we do lose because it means Pardew will no longer be with us, although he did counteract that by saying, up until two or three weeks ago I supported Pardew.
He also made a good point, that if we do get relegated, it will be like stepping back in time to the seventies, but the cost of attending matches then was a tenth pro-rata of what it is today.

The Match

It is hard to describe this match as there really is not anything that is positive to write.
1-0, after 2 minutes 2-0 after 20 minutes, 3.-0 at half-time, shots on goal for Charlton 0 Barnsley 3
Second half felt more like damage limitation and as Barnsley shut-up shop it really was that. I have seen Charlton come back and win from 3-0 down but that is when we had a recognised goalscorer, this current team I'm afraid has none.
It is in my nature to be optimistic and positive but yesterday was so deflating although I stayed to the end and didn't boo, I just held my head my hands for most of the match. Is this entertainment watching your team that you love play so badly -well yes, because this is what supporting your local football team is all about, you have to take the rough with the smooth. At the moment it feels very rough.

Player rating
Weaver 7 Not at fault with any of the goals and looked the only player who cared although I'm sure thats not true.
Moots 7 Good game

The rest 3 sorry lads.
The crowd 7 We did get behind the team even at 3-0, the booing started when we could see the spirit was not there.

Pardew should now do the honorable thing and move on, after all even in business and certainly at my Company when managers have gone stale and cant motivate, most don't need to be pushed on to pastures new.
If only I felt like writing the post previously to this one.

Oh well! Come on Reds.

Friday, 24 October 2008

A Rallying Cry -Its time to Stand-up and be counted

This morning driving to work in the pouring rain after dropping my daughter off at school, although she is 17 and we deliberately moved closer to the school, half-mile to be more precise, so she and my son could walk to school, ha! what a laugh, they have probably only walked a dozen times in seven years.
Anyway, it suddenly hit me like a bolt of lightning , the moans , the threats of not going to all home games(the threat was to myself) and the malaise that I have been feeling about Charlton suddenly vanished. I'm a loyal person and to prove it- here goes

Had to put this first as you never know who might be reading this.

Been Married for 22 years through great times and some rough times but we have got through it. Its something I'm proud of -considering the pressures on today's life styles.

Worked for my Company for 33 years -Bloody hell, I started off as young accounts assistant and now I'm FD( almost man and boy). Younger people look at me in astonishment and think how could any one stay that long in one job, but by sticking with it I am better off than a lot of my old mates. So I'm proud of that.

Supported Charlton Athletic for 42 years, through great times, but on the whole very difficult and traumatic times, but my support has never wavered and Ive never ever booed and I'm very extra proud of that.

OK the club is in its worst position for 10 years, but you know every thing goes in cycles and its our turn to feel some pain. Just think how painful it must have been for Millwall and Palace to witness our success over the last 10 year period. I just have that sneaky feeling that we are about to turn the corner yet again and I'm predicting a play-off place secured by a home win against Norwich City on the last day of the season.

Its my daughters 18th birthday tomorrow and she has said she will never speak to me again if we are not away on Saturday, as she's having a party and we would only be party poopers, . so we are in Arundel for the weekend . That means I miss my first home match of the season -honest folks this was not intentional.

Come on you Reds-Charlton 3 Burnley 2

Thursday, 23 October 2008

Oh well ! were on our own

That's that then. We have been in worse financial situations in our illustrious history and I'm sure the club will survive . My expectations are zero now, which is good thing. If we can stay in this division I will now class that a success. Foreign money! who needs it.
I love the club and have done for more than 42 years, so my support will always be strong, but I have to question why I do go to every home game. Sad as it is I do go on my own so there is not even the comfort of any social banter before or after the game, I normally get that when I play tennis in the morning and then have a couple of pints and a ploughmans and a good chat and banter from fellow tennis players . Sometimes though I leave early to get to the Valley and I am starting to question that now.
Norwich , Southampton , Ipswich and others clubs have all been there and survived looks like we will join them.
Come on you Reds.

Wednesday, 22 October 2008

Charlton 0 Bristol City 7 So much for positive thinking

Many moons ago I got a little bit interested in the ge-gees and dabbled a bit at the bookies, thankfully my gambling predictions were so awful, I gave it up and will be forever grateful to the man upstairs for not giving me that first big win, which has been the ruin of many a poor soul. It seems to me that my score predictions for Charlton are as bad as my Horse Racing punts. Not only did I get the score wrong but by a whacking seven goals.
Sorry I'm being a bit stupid on this one -but with Charlton playing the way they are, all my logic has gone out of the window.

Charlton 0 Bristol City 2

Great Beer -Guinness Red, its worth a try- followed by the best Cod and Chips in Bromley -East Street to be precise-(Tom Bell Fish Restaurant) cooked while you wait. Good match for 25 minutes, with Charlton playing some great football, if only we had a striker to finish all the great play off. The crowd roared the team on and surely the first goal would go to the Had'icks(sorry got fish on the brain) -then Bailey does what every schoolboy is told not to do and gets caught in possession, just outside our penalty area . Of course we are punished and an accomplished finish by Lee Trundle (if only he played for Charlton, we would have been 2-0 after fifteen minutes) makes the game effectively over and we never recovered from that set back. In the second half we started like scared rabbits caught in the headlights of a speeding car. Instead of getting hold of the ball we gave it away as though it was a slippery Eel. Dark, gloomy times at the Valley and the mood certainly amongst the East Stand crowd seemed to be one of complete acceptance of our fate, as the hangmans noose and gallows draw ever nearer. We may have the facilities and ground of a lower Premiership club, but I don't know if I can bring myself to watch Third Division football again as according to Second Division And Proud-that's the league we will be playing in, if we are relegated.

Join the revolution, which has become the signature of our very own accomplished blogger Pedro 45

Tuesday, 21 October 2008

Charlton Athletic 5 Bristol City 0

Charlton 5 Bristol City 0

The match was played last night and we won 5-0, Varney 3 Tordorov 1, Gray1 . Oh! crap it was just a dream -but a dream that can come true -Lets be all American and pass on those good'ol' vibes.
If we all send out positive vibes it will reach the players and if you pardon the expression, Charlton have always come up trumps when their backs are against the wall.(OK, may- be they just trump) ( 5-0, 5-0, 5-0, 5-0, 5-0, 5-0. OK I have finally cracked under the pressure, it must be the credit crunch. 5-0, 5-0, 5-0, 5-0, 5-0. Actually what will also happen today is the confirmation of the takeover by our Dubai benefactors . 5- 0 5-0 5-0 5-0.
Positive thoughts- come on lets be havin ya!.

Back in time

27th September 1966
Charlton 5 Bristol City 0, Mike Kenning 2 , Alan Campbell, Lenny Glover, Ron Saunders Attn (10,182) what revenge after a 4-0 mauling at Ashton Gate 18 days earlier . Those were the days .

Local Gym

I went to the local gym last night and had a really good workout and took this picture just to show how popular our little 'o' gym is -not bad for a Monday night.
Come on -keep it going.

Come on you Reds.

Monday, 20 October 2008

Stating the bleed'in obvious we need a Frickin Boost

Pembury Addick's comments on Chicago Addick's blog sum up very well how we are feeling
The lack of comment on blogs at the weekend was quite staggering and indicative of how feelings are running.
In part I suspect a collective holding of breath for Dubai decision.

to being the least enthusiastic over my beloved Charlton Athletic Football Club for more than 11 years. Tomorrow I will travel to the Valley after a hard days work to watch the faltering Addicks take on last season's best footballing side Bristol City. The highlight for me might be a couple pints and a pre-match meal of local fish and chips-might even be a'ddick and chips!
If the Dubai deal does not go through then I fear for our long term future. If only I could sue the Sun Journalist who wrote the piece on Everton now being favourites for a buy-out from our supposed suitors. -really pissed me off big-time over the weekend.
Here's hoping that Mr Pardew can rally the troops for back to back wins at home.

Why do I do it? -these days, my predictions are never correct -Charlton 4 Bristol City 0
Varney 3 Tordorov Attn 15,543 even with the holograms of non- attending season ticket holders.

Come on you Reds.

Friday, 17 October 2008

Zi Zi could be the Key

Zheng Zhi

Bad news today is the injury to Zheng Zhi and that would also confirm why he had a bit of a stinker against Ipswich. I cant quite get my head round the fact that the club has not exploited his marketing potential. According to newspaper reports Zi Zi is the David Beckham of the far East and his career is followed by millions in China alone. If I was a foreign investor especially buying a Championship club which lacks the exposure of the Premiership, I would insist that any high profile players remain with the club. Unlike NYA I think Zi Zi will still be with the club after January and could one of the clubs major assets for the new owners . Zheng Zhi skills are far more suited to a slower, more skillful premiership, than a hectic, manic Championship league.

Zheng Zhi is China's Zidane

ZHENG ZHI lives a bizarre double life between being the most famous footballer in China ? and a virtual unknown in England.

The exception over here, of course, is whenever he decides to stroll through London’s Chinatown.

Yet the midfielder, on loan from Shandong Luneng, is proving to be a hit at struggling Charlton.

The Chinese skipper, whose fan club has over 100,000 members, can play defence and midfield and lists Zinedine Zidane as his biggest hero.

Cardiff Away
What a difficult game and the pressure will be on the team to perform and we become a lot more attractive to prospective buyers if the clubs name appears near a play-off spot in the league table.
Optimistic a s ever Cardiff 1 Charlton 3 Varney 2 Hudson

Come on you Reds.

Monday, 13 October 2008

For the times they are a changing

Come gather round people wherever you roam
And admit that the waters around you have grown
And accept it that soon you'll be drenched to the bone
If your time to you is worth saving
Then you'd better start swimming or you'll sink like a stone
For the times, they are a changing.

OK its a bit dramatic to use a Bob Dylan song in relation to Charlton and the possible buy out from our very rich and hopefully new owners. When I was a kid, professional football was a game played by the majority of players striving to make a living to support a family and pay off a 25 year Mortgage. In my youthful naivety the game was all about passion, loyalty and honesty , but was it really. The game has changed so much and players now, certainly in the Premiership and the the top half of the Championship probably pay off their mortgages in six months. Lets forget the old days and look to the future, maybe this is our last chance and for me personally it cant come quick enough. It was a comedian who supports Fulham who once said I would rather support any team in any league than too never support a team at all and who knows what lies a head for little'old'Charlton -Oblivion maybe . Adrenalin still flows for me when I do not know a Charlton result and I am just about to find out. I love the club for what it stands for but my support will wain if I have to sit through another mundane inept Championship season , for I have been to the promised land although I didn't realise I was there until after it was taken away. Murray and Co have done the business over the years, but its time to move on to the big money men. Call me cynical, mercenary and ready to sell my soul but I think big money -honest big money is the only way forward. Join the revolution and dance in the street -The King is dead- long live the King.

Saturday, 11 October 2008

I love my club

Sorry just a short note to say, I have given a lot to Charlton, supporting wise but in return the club has given me lot back. Tonight I think things are going to change and I think we may become a big club. Great as far as I am concerned. Alan Curbishley and Murray gave me the best 10 years of my Charlton supporting life, but possibly if all things go according to plan we may be entering a new era for Charlton Athletic Football Club, and I welcome it with open arms.

Come on you Reds.

I have a dream-and my wife thinks Im mad

Watching Match of the Day in the Evening

great throw by Buffon to Terry, who passes it to Gerrard (playing in London at last) to Walcott who races down the wing and puts in a great cross to Rooney who volleys a great shot into the corner of the Manchester United net to put Charlton Athletic 3-0 up. Surely now, Charlton are going to be crowned Premiership Champions for the first time, and in front of a capacity crowd of 55,000, at the Valley to close the 2011-12 season . Wow what a dream -it must have been those five pints of Bishop Finger . Jesus whats this hitting the headlines, Charlton to be taken over by one of Dubai's richest Companies. My wife reads it as well and says to me "Charlton wont be little old Charlton anymore" . I know I know but half the fans who attend home games at the Valley think were a big club and should be winning every game 5-0, with this investment it may well happen.

Charlton a good investment-My season ticket might be

How strange I nearly didn't buy a season ticket this year but fortunately did so at the last moment , by doing so I might have bought myself an investment. Just think as we walk away with this seasons Championship and I get a free season ticket for next season, I'm sure with capacity sell out crowds I could well put it on E bay for a couple of thousand smack-a-roons . This is how I see it, the Valley's capacity will be cut to 23,000 whilst the double tier East stand is completed. Demand for tickets will be extraordinary as many fans clamber to see the up and coming Charlton team filled with young premiership stars, who look destined to qualify for the Champions League in 4th Place.

Being a South East London Club-will seal the deal.

Your traveling from Dubai in your private jet you have an important business meeting in London's Park Lane Hotel on Friday afternoon and the next day you want to see your club, the club that you own play Arsenal . London is the place to be and if you want to throw a bit of pocket money at a Championship club who have the potential to be a big London Club then its a sensible gamble and if it comes off, could well bring substantial bonus's in prestige, exposure and maybe a great return on a small initial investment. After-all Charlton have always had a great catchment area and the Thames gateway will bring in extra supporters by the bus load.

This is the only way Forward

Sorry I have been very spoilt with our seven seasons in the Premiership and I want to see the likes of Manchester United, Chelsea and Arsenal play again to a capacity filled Valley. The Championship is so much second best . The only chance we have of that happening is to get foreign investment and I'm sure there are probably 90 clubs in the Football league who will be dead jealous if this deal comes off.

Sunday, 5 October 2008

Just what the Doctor ordered-Charlton 2 Ipswich 1

Charlton 2 Ipswich 1

After yesterday, it feels like the raging infection we have all been suffering from has just been alleviated by taking the first antibiotics which have just started to kick in. It wasn't pretty, it wasn't classic football, but the team got a job done and the little bit of luck we had, was deserved by a determined Charlton team. After playing in a tennis Vets tournament , a Ploughmans, and a couple of pints of guest ale -Shepherd Neame- Late Red I really didn't have much inclination to make the awkward journey to the Valley (Road works playing havoc) but there is one thing I have never been accused of, and that is being a fair weather supporter, how could I be, having supported Charlton for more than 40 years, in fact it is probably more likely that I have been accused of being masochistic, especially in the dark old days of third division football.

The match -I enjoyed the game, probably because there was so much at stake and I have always preferred to watch football when there is a real edginess to it . We started brightly and Bailey was getting amongst the Ipswich midfield, I really do think we have found a gem from the lower divisions and even when he has a below par game, he still gives 100% and does not shy away from the ball. Bailey fired a great free-kick after 6 minutes but unfortunately his prowess in the tackle does mean that he is likely to get injured more often than say Ambrose, and that is exactly what happened after 10 minutes . We go 1-0 up yet again, every home game has been the same, we seem to clam up and go into a shell and allow the wounded opposition to fight back , its about time we went for the jugular . Ipswich pressed after Bailey limped off and we totally lost our momentum. A missed header by Youga allowed Walters to put in a great cross, which I think if Cranie hadn't sliced into his own net, the on rushing Ipswich forward would have had an easy tap-in. So after 34 minutes the score is 1-1 and you can guess how I thought this match was going to end. We dug deep and to be honest I was pleased to hear the half-time whistle. I needed to stretch my legs so I walked around the bar area and I noticed the pessimism and lethargy amongst the supporters -Strange atmosphere indeed. In the second half Semedo replaced Craine who I feel adds nothing to the team, so I was quite happy with his replacement, in fact I thought Semedo was the best player on the park in the second half. We rode our luck and just about deserved the second and winning goal from a great Darren Ambrose cross which was turned into his own net by Voltz on 60 minutes. A nervous 30 minutes later, relieved cheers rang out from the crowd as we secured a very important win . No need to say it but I will, we need to build on this result and a mightily relieved Pardew had this to say to the press "The pressure was on and when you have been manager of West Ham for four years, you get used to the pressure, but this week has been tough. Ive not been sleeping too well , but I can sleep well tonight"

Player Ratings

Weaver -7 More passionate than I have ever seen him -good game- good game as Brucie would say
Cranie- 6. Sorry, for me he adds nothing
Primus- 7 Better game, but he is just here to get fit
Hudson 9 Captain Fantastic
Youga 6 Sloppy sometimes, but should still retain his place
Ambrose 7 One of his better games -So much skill if only he would use it more often
Bailey 7 Missed him when he had to go off-Already player of the year
Zhi 6 Look as though he will need some games before we see his best
Bousazza 7 Busy game just don't think we have seen the best of him so far
Tordorov 7 I watched his game very closely and he played some very clever through balls which Varney didn't read
Varney 7 Made him self a nuisance and on the whole had a good game


Holland 8 Bloody great game-what heart
Semedo 9 Great second half-Pardew please play him more often

Sunday, 28 September 2008

From a depressed CND -Charlton 1 Sheffield Wed 2 and Cool Hand Luke is Dead

Charlton 1 Sheffield Wednesday 2

What a beautiful day Saturday was, only spoilt by my heavy hangover from a tennis Club Curry evening the night before, which was great, but if I'm going to be playing tennis in the morning I must lay off the Cobra's and after meal Brandies. Saturday started sweaty and increased when I started playing tennis, but they say sweating gets rid of impurities, so thankfully by the end of the match I was very pure. An horrendous journey to Valley meant that I arrived 18 minutes late but as I sat down Varney scrambled the ball home and people around me said can you do that again next week. Ten minutes later Varney hit the post and Gray completely messed up on the rebound -what a miss and if he had scored I think it would have been game over as Wednesday hardly threatened. As the first half progressed, we became more and more unconvincing and on 40 minutes the whole defense went to sleep, which allowed Small to run almost 35 yards right across our hesitant defense and place a neat shot into the corner of the net via a post. Terrible defending again allowed Tudgay two minutes later to waltz through the defense leaving Weaver with no chance for the second. The crowd went quiet and I have to say Hudson who had his worst game in a Charlton shirt was mostly to blame for both goals.
In the second-half, Wednesday shut up shop and we never really looked like getting an equaliser. These are strange and dark times being a Charlton supporter and its being made even harder by the heady success of the last ten years, which leaves me with higher expectation
s than I should have.

Weaver 6 On a good day he may well have saved the first shot . He looked slightly out of sorts.
Youga 6 Can do so much better
Cranie 6 An ok game I would prefer him to partner Hudson.
Hudson 5 Every player has to have an off day and he certainly did on Saturday
Primus 5 What is the point of playing an unfit 35 year old
Sam 5 Lacking in confidence-why play him
Holland 7 He playing well but needs the enthusiasm that he has to be reciprocated by the other players
Bailey 5 Like Hudson his worst game in a Charlton shirt
Bouazza 6 Had some good runs but the final ball lacked composure
Varney 7 Good game but a little too greedy at times
Gray 5 He has to improve

Subs 5 Todorov -looked so unfit- difficult game to come into Basey 5 did noth
ing Ambrose 6 actually looked quite sharp .
Crowd 7 Good support in the first half but went quieter after the two crazy Wednesday goals

Paul Newman

Ok Paul Newman had a great life and he fulfilled most of his dreams, so at 83, he did not die before his time. Great movies like Cool Hand Luke , Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid , The Sting and one of his finest performances ,The Road to Perdition made Newman one of the Hollywood greats.
I'm not gay and even if I was I'm sure nobody would care, but if I had a choice of who I could resemble, then
a young Paul Newman is the one bloke I would not mind looking like.

Arsenal 1 Hull City 2

So great for football and the fairy story lives on for Hull -We have been there and I want to experience it again.

Thursday, 18 September 2008

Champions -Champions-sorry its tennis again

OK nobody is going to care a Flying Monkey about this but in these dark financial days of meltdown I need a fucking boost . After playing tennis last I night I had a phone from our club captain to say our Vets team had won the North Kent Summer league First Division in which I played in all 10 matches only losing once. Promotion to the Premier league will mean a massive leap up and most teams like Beckenham, Maidstone and Tunbridge Wells have top County players, but what the hell we will give it a good go. Believe it or not a few years ago when our humble team was playing in the top league we played (not Vets) Bromley who are National Super league Champions and one player in their team was Delgardo who has qualified for Wimbledon -needless to say we were lucky to win a point . When I was playing football I received loads of medals but with tennis I have only won a handful-so this latest one with a shield and a presentation by the LTA will be most welcome.
Makes me realise how good it is to play sports at a competitive level which I have done all my life and will continue to do so

Wednesday, 17 September 2008

Im feeling Bonny with our win at Donny

Doncaster 0 Charlton 1
Don't care how we played -one shot, one goal, one corner, who the hell cares, we needed 3 points and we got them. Over my forty two years of supporting Charlton I have seen plenty of smash and grabs from the opposition, so I'm not feeling sorry for Doncaster right now. We need to build on this result and I'm going for a 2-0 win at Forest with Varney and ZZ the scorers

Come on you Reds

The World is in Turmoil
People in the Cities, people in the Shires are all feeling very nervous about their jobs and who can blame them. We are on the verge of a major recession and unlike the last one this is so sudden.
I am a Director of small independent publishing Company and I fully expect our Company to be hit really hard. Unfortunately Advertising is the first expenditure to be cut back and we are already feeling the pinch . Things will get worse before they get better and I hope we can ride out and pull back from the precipice. At 53, I feel, I am out of the job equation, and what really hit home is when the best car insurance quote comes from Saga .
Oh well! what the hell - worst things happen at sea-so its onwards and upwards

Monday, 15 September 2008

We need cheering up-The following might

The credit crunch to hit some people hard

How Murray was stitched up by a reporter

According to a recent Tim Henman interview, Andy Murray was stitched up when being interviewed with Henman just before the World Cup 2006. Scotland had just failed to qualify and Henman started taking the mickey which led to some good natured anti-English retaliation by Murray- very much in jest, but the reporter who wanted a good story and headlines made them out to be Murray's true opinions.
Wyn Grants report that Murray's coach is a fanatical Charlton fan may have some truth as Murray was at the Wolves game which was announced at half-time and received a mediocre applause. The Jury is still out on Murray even amongst the Charlton crowd with the guy next to me saying" Murray's great" and the guy behind me saying" I just don't like him". Personally I like winners and Murray certainly has my support. Jimmy Connors and John McEnroe were players I really admired although I'm going to counteract it all by saying Bjorn Bjorg is my all time tennis hero, which is just as well, because he is a fellow Charlton supporter.

Andy Murray pretty good with a tennis ball

Sunday, 14 September 2008

It could be a long hard winter Charlton 1 Wolves 3

Rarely have I felt so low coming away from the Valley after another home defeat. Last season we lost eight at home and that was against Championship opposition -not Premiership which I could live with. This season after two home wins I thought the Valley was becoming a fortress and away teams would find it really difficult to take a point let alone a win. A very frustrating afternoon after a great start with Bailey my man of the match scoring a wonder goal, we simply slipped into last seasons style of play where most of the players didn't seem to know what the other is doing. For me Bailey is a class act and unlike some other blog reports I think he had a great game and his passing ability really shone through. We must build the team round him and Hudson the only other player who deserved any credit. Wolves played well but certainly not exceptionally so and they more or less strolled the second half to earn themselves an easy win. I had a great start to the the day with a very competitive tennis match in glorious autumn sunshine, followed by a couple of pints of Whistable ale (I would recommend this beer to any real ale drinker who likes a light refreshing tasty ale) and a dash to the Valley followed by a lovely walk through Charlton Park, surprisingly so, as I approached the Valley I was not filled with confidence and sometimes you just have that feeling that the team is just not good enough as our two homes wins against Swansea and Reading were certainly not a stroll in the park.
This is hard times being a Charlton fan and we are slowly becoming a Norwich, Ipswich, but hopefully not Leicester.
Oh well worst things happen at sea, but maybe we will have to settle for a few seasons of being in the wilderness.

Come on you Reds.

Weaver 7 Played well and was not at fault with any of the goals
Craine 6 Thought he had a good game but possibly should have stopped the cross for the second.
Fortune 6 Ok but that was all
Hudson 7 Played well
Youga 6 Can play so much better
Holland 7 Chased and ran himself into the ground
Bailey 8 Best Charlton player and passed the ball as well as DB at his best
Sam 5 Confidence at an all time low
Varney 6 Ran as usual but just lacked that cutting edge
Gray 5 Was he playing
Bouazza 6 Definitely a confidence player

Sunday, 7 September 2008

Come on folks -Murray F------ Magnificent

Sorry-but when tennis is played at this level there is nothing to beat it -well maybe Charlton winning at Wembley or England for that matter . Nadal what a gent -Murray simply awesome.
Murray is going to make a few more friends now as the majority of the crowd wanted Nadal to win
but grit and determination got him through it. Personally I think Murray has the best all round game when he is playing at his best.

Saturday, 6 September 2008

Forget football Murray is playing the game of his life

Murray is two sets up against Nadal in the US Open, even if he loses the writing is on the wall -Murray to win a grand slam next year.

Thursday, 4 September 2008

Great news -Zheng wants to extend his contract.

Zheng wants a new contract

According to the official website and other media sources ZZ has declared his love for the club, is desperate to stay, and wishes to extend his contract. This is very good news indeed .. The most skillful and high profile player we have will be with us until at least January and I hope much beyond that. The Board has effectively sold our best players along with the so called dead-wood to balance the books and I think enough is enough. They do need to invest a little and we must surely now exploit ZZ marketing potential to the largest football supporting nation in the world. If Bailey is played in the centre of the park and plays the way he did against Reading then I think we will see the best of ZZ playing a free and roaming role.


Unbelievable treatment of a man who deserves to be held in high esteem not only by Charlton but West Ham . The best Charlton manager in the history of the club who gave little o'l Charlton fans the time of their lives. Take yourselves back to the dark old days and then to the seven years of premiership football, which for most of us oldies was a never ending roller coaster. Players came to play for Charlton that we could have only dreamed about 20 years previously. Curbs maybe not every ones cup of tea, but he is a dam-site better than the majority of Premiership managers . Take Arsene Wenger for example -great manager great tactician but my god he talks a load rubbish sometimes and of course Arsenal players can do no wrong even when the evidence is highlighted on television. I do remember when Charlton drew 1-1 with Arsenal in 2003 (Best Charlton team I have ever seen) and Wenger accused Holland of diving for that great Di-Canio penalty - We so deserved that point as at times we matched Arsenal but all Wenger could say is Arsenal were cheated.

Assessing Curbs transfer dealings

Obviously the signing of Darren Bent was his crowning glory and the return on him has been fantastic, but there are others who were good signings.
Good signings

Luke Young , Mark Fish , Jason Euell, J Johansson , Chris Powell, S Barlett, D Kiely, A Todd,
M Holland, C Perry, Hreidarsson, Jensen.
All of these players cost the club large fees but overall they were not a waste of money.

Worst Buy - was Marcus Bent followed by Francis Jeffers who could have been a good buy but it all went wrong.

Sunday, 31 August 2008

Feeling as flat as a pancake

OK I do have a life outside of watching Charlton and on a Saturday night we are normally doing something, and I try not to show how I feel when Charlton lose, but I have got to say last night it was difficult not too. I was on such a high from last weeks great win against Reading that I thought we must put in a great performance at Preston. I was feeling very disappointed until I read Ketts report on Dr Kish
and how he traveled with his mates all the way to Deepdale, which is a difficult journey, only to see Charlton put in a tepid, totally indifferent , basically crap performance. My disappointment has been put in perspective-What must they have felt like on the journey back to South East London
Ketts and friends and any supporter who made the trip - I salute you.

Friday, 29 August 2008

A missed opportunity

Its looks as though Zheng Zhi will be a West Bromwich player before the transfer deadline closes on Monday. One of the first comments from Richard Murray at the Bloggers meeting about ZZ was "we all know ZZ plays too much football" his second comment was "he is desperate to play in the Premiership. We have rarely seen the best of ZZ and when he first arrived he was thrown into the lions den with a fierce and frantic relegation battle in the Premiership that tempered his natural flair and skill . In the Championship he is too easily hustled out of a game and with no protection from a hard tackling midfield player he simply fades . Typically it now looks as though Nicky Bailey is the sort of player who could protect ZZ and allow him to play the sort of game we all know he is capable of. In a good Premiership team I think that ZZ will flourish and become an exceptional player. Alas it will not be in a Charlton shirt and probably not in a West Brom shirt as they will surely struggle this season but I'm sure they will undoubtedly capitalize on ZZ marketing potential which I feel we failed to do . The Hawthorns will suddenly see a lot more Chinese supporters attending home games.

Monday, 25 August 2008

The feel good factor and the Yorkshire Moors

The Beautiful Yorkshire Moors at Lastingham with the heather in full bloom.

A lot of my other-half relatives live in North Yorkshire, about 50 minutes from the Yorkshire Moors to be a bit more precise. Hull city is the nearest football team , and on several occasions on our latest visit the football supporting relatives really enjoyed rubbing salt into the wound as they gloated on Charlton's relegation from the Premiership and their promotion to it. It has been noticed and written about the increase in productivity in the area, when the local team is doing well and at the moment productivity has never been higher.
After Charlton's great victory on Saturday my productivity increased, as I emptied the dishwasher twice in one day.

Saturday, 23 August 2008

Fantastic, Brilliant, Unbelievable- over the top no way Charlton 4 Reading 2

Having just got back from my annual holidays visiting relatives in North Yorkshire, I felt a certain trepidation as I walked/ran through Charlton Park on my own. These blasted 12.45pm kick-offs really push me and my tennis into an early morning start, a quick shower and a couple of pints of Whitstable ale in the clubhouse, then a mad dash to the Valley which meant I still missed 10 minutes of the first half. Well folks, it was all worth while as this early afternoon I witnessed one of the best games I have seen at the Valley for at least 5 years. Where as we slaughtered West Ham 4-0, in this game, with the help of one of the most controversial and inept Referees I have ever seen at the Valley, kept an average Reading side in the game with some very bizarre penalty decisions. It made the game very exciting and Sky must surely be very happy indeed, but if we had not won this game it would be one of the biggest travesties witnessed at the Valley. We looked well balanced from the start and Nicky Bailey looked as though he has been playing for Charlton for many years -His home debut was actually better than Hudson's and that does take some beating. He controlled the midfield, looked strong, a great passer of the ball and looked like the player we have been missing since Kinsella and Parker left us. This was a great team performance with all the players fighting for each other, which I did not always witness last season. Pardew seems to prepare his teams very well for the big matches, but we seem to fail against so called lesser teams, this needs to be addressed. After dominating the first 25 minutes we finally broke through the Reading defense after a great move and a Varney shot which was parried by Hahnemann into the path of the ever youthful Holland, who could not miss from 3 yards. With Charlton still dominating, a rare Reading attack led to an innocuous challenge by Moutaoukil on Doyle and the Referee giving a very dubious penalty. Fortunately and deservedly so Doyle missed the penalty by hitting the bar . Great cheers around the ground as Charlton were later awarded a penalty when Varney was pushed in the box, this led to great protest from the Reading players and management but this did not hamper Gray, who tucked away a well taken penalty. Of course, as it always seems to happen, Charlton could not hold out until half-time and a comedy of errors led to Reading undeservedly so, snatch one back just before half-time. As I hadn't had time to eat, I was so hungry I reluctantly bought a Hot-Dog, which actually wasn't that bad. The crowd were in high spirits and the game must have been a Sky reporters dream as the first half was so pulsating. The second half started as the the first half left off and actually became more end to end. A deep cross led to Weaver punching the ball away, but bizarrely the Referee pointed to the spot . The crowd went crazy, the players went crazy, the manager went crazy and I just held my head in my hands as I couldn't believe the decision, but even worse was to follow as Weaver made a great save from Hunts penalty and the ground erupted in jubilation, which soon turned to despair as the referee pointed to the spot for the penalty to be retaken, Weaver was adjudged to have moved before the kick was taken. (99% of keepers move before the ball is kicked )The crowd could not believe it as Hunt neatly tucked away the retaken penalty. Injustice was all I could feel. Thankfully with Bailey running the Midfield along with Holland our heads did not drop and Varney with a great header deservedly put Charlton in front. even better was to follow when the ever improving Bouazza scored a magnificent fourth with the sort of volley which will have already won him goal of the season.
Great game and if we can continue to play like this at home and improve away, we must surely be one of the favorites to go up.

Weaver 9 Looking slimmer and sharper than I have ever seen him
Moots 8 Great faultless display
Basey 8 looked very comfortable and strong
Fortune 9 Best game for ages and even passed liked David Beckham twice
Hudson 8 Very solid
Sam 7 Played well but can give so much more.
Holland 9 Ran himself into the ground great display
Bailey 10 10 says it all player of the match
Varney 8 Ran and Ran and so deserved his goal
Gray 9 Held the ball up well and his best game so far in a Charlton shirt
Bouazza 9 Played better as the game went on fantastic goal

Referee 0.5 What a wally
Pardew 9 Got it just right

Crowd 9 Really got behind the team especially after the dodgy penalty decisions

Saturday, 16 August 2008

Coming to terms with reality and the Olympics on HD-Fantastic

I'm in a time warp
Its official, after seven years of punching above our weight our financial and football status is probably in the position where it should be. One big advantage of being in the premiership for all those years is, it has enabled the club to build a ground to be proud of and a fan base that is one of the strongest in the Championship. We have, or I have been living the romance and illusion that Charlton Athletic football Club is just that, a football club we passionately support on a Saturday afternoon, but in reality, it is of course a business that Directors pump money into in the hope there will be a financial return on a successful football club. The Directors, especially Richard Murray has pumped the majority of his fortune into the club and I think his heart ruled his head as we all lived the dream, but relegation and failure to regain premiership football has been incredibly traumatic and Murray has pulled away from the precipice just in time. Never again will money be pumped into the club as it has been over the last ten years-once bitten twice shy, unless the Board can find an overseas benefactor which it is actively seeking. My support for the club is stronger than ever at the moment and I feel as though I am in a time warp, a bit like that great series, Life On Mars, where the main character DCI Sam Taylor after being hit by a car gets mysteriously transported back to the seventies, 1973 to be precise.
Of course we have made great strides since those Dickensian days of the 70's where you felt that if all the 4,500 fans attending an average home game had brought a bottle of weedkiller to use on the terracing it might just have killed all the weeds growing there. The reason my support for the Reds is so strong is because I seem to have a lot more time to dedicate myself to the cause, as I did in the early 70's when I was Mortgage free, Debt free and a married life with children was a long way off. The kids are grown up and it is time for us to join the S.K.I.
Come on you Reds
Watford 1 Charlton 2 (Gray, Varney)

The Olympics

What a pleasure it has been to watch the Olympics, especially on BBC High Definition.
The games have been very watchable and it nice to wake up at 7am and catch an hour or so before work. Watching in Hi Definition you experience the feeling of being there and the sound is so superior to ordinary digital TV . It wont be long before all TV is in HD.

Saturday, 9 August 2008

A Good Win But Can Do Better-Charlton 2 Swansea 0

Why Mark Hudson is not playing in the Premiership is a bit of a mystery to me as his performance at the heart of Charlton Defence today was near perfect. Swansea came to play football and I think they achieved that but there neat approach play was ruined by some woeful shooting.
Charlton started brightly and after only five minutes Hudson headed a great goal majestically from a good corner by 26 old Shelvey . Ok according to the Programme he was born in 1982 but on the pitch he could pass for 26. Its a match I find hard to report on , we were neither good nor bad but the one big plus is we now look solid in defence and we can now build on that. After Swansea had their Captain dismissed for a second bookable offense Charlton had a lot more space and the result was never in doubt after Gray headed a second from a great Basey free kick. All in all we cant complain and as the title suggests a good result but a lot of hard work required.

Defence 9

Midfield 6

Attack 6

Friday, 8 August 2008

Come on You Reds

This is it folks

Some very good Blog articles being written at the moment by New York Addick and Drinking During the Game thus making it very difficult to add much of value to this blog entry, but as my wife often says to me, you always have something to say even if it is a load of crap.
Mixed emotions at the moment -do I become all gung-ho and declare that Charlton will walk the league because we have a smaller squad, which means the team will almost pick it self and the players will learn to play as a team, unlike most of last season.The stars of the future will flourish and everything will be hunky-dory at the Valley.

More realistically Charlton will be in the top half of the division, but not really challenge for the promotion places and have an outside chance of a play-off spot. Anyway I'm looking forward to Saturday and I hope I will be happy in my new seat-please not let me be next to a bunch of whingers .
If we fail to make it back to the Premiership this season, then I do fear we will be a middle table, typical Championship club for many seasons.

Luke Young to Villa.

Looks like Luke Young is on his way to Villa, to the dismay of the majority of Boro fans. Some have written in to 606, saying that he was their most consistent player last season. Luke Young , although not a dynamic player, was always Mr reliable and did an excellent job over his last two seasons for us. I wish him well for the new season.

Mamma Mia I liked it- God I'm getting old and soft

I have never been frightened to show the emotional and if you like the feminine side to my character, but even I had to be dragged screaming to Bluewater on Sunday evening by my wife to watch Mamma Mia . The meal before was compensation and as the titles began rolling I thought how long before I can get home and have a couple of cans. To my surprise I thoroughly enjoyed the film and allowed the Abba music, the Greek scenery and pure syrupy corn wash over me. One hour and forty minutes just relaxing and thinking about nothing Charlton-pure bliss.

Friday, 1 August 2008

This doesn't sound too good

Pardew is not happy and has talked about his displeasure to BBC London 94.9 . Is this the start of a split with the Manager and Board. Is Pardew one of the highest paid at the club and far too costly . I have sympathy with both parties and the Board especially Richard Murray has supported the club financially through these incredibly difficult times. Its unusual for a manager to openly state his unease with the budget and target he has been set by the Board. We need unity more than ever and I am feeling rather apprehensive .

Selling the Crown Jewels-Well almost

Are we going backwards rather than forwards

Why oh! why do I feel we are going backwards rather than forwards-oh sorry we have plenty of forwards and not much backwards. If there is anything positive about our current predicament its the expectation factor, its now down to a realistic level, actually it could be on the verge of being pessimistic, probably a good thing, maybe! - certainly if it takes the pressure off the players, especially at home, where I thought you could cut the tension with knife at the majority of home games.
Pardew needs to hold out his cap to some of the top Premiership clubs and look to bring in young players with truly great potential who just need to get experience and games . There must be several players at Arsenal and Chelsea who fit the bill. Yes I do think that Championship clubs now act as feeder clubs for the elite premiership and what could be better than having your reserves play in the 4th strongest division in the world, or is it the best supported, going on last season I think its the latter.

All but three of the Crown Jewels left from 2006/07

OK we never saw the best of Bougherra but potentially he could have been not only a great centre-half but one of the most dominate players in the Championship-oh well we will never know, but I think he will do very well in Scotland as SPL plays to the same standard as the Championship.

Players gone of worth since the dreaded relegation

Hermann Hreidarsson -Had a great season with Pompey
Chris Perry -Player I really admire and had another season left in him
Darent Bent -Best purchase Curbishley ever made as Charlton Manager
Luke Young -Underrated by the Charlton faithful
Andy Reid- I was wrong, we did miss him after he left
Magic Bougherra - How good, we will never know

Players left of any worth -I'm going to get shot down here

Zi Zheng - Again we have not seen the best of a player far more suited to the Premiership
Value £4 Mill
Jerome Thomas -We all know what he can do but he is now at the last chance saloon Value £2 mill
Darren Ambrose Ditto

So nine players mentioned, lets hope the top six names can be replaced this season by new up and coming stars worth just as much.

Tuesday, 29 July 2008

15,001 it could have been 15,002 but unlike Frankie I failed

I think I'm 15,001, but my son has changed his mind at the last moment .

There you have it, I renewed my season ticket late Friday afternoon and as I am a late subscriber I will be sitting in a new seat, but at least I still managed to grab an aisle seat which will enable my long lanky legs to stretch out on moments of boredom.
Last season, on occasions my son nagged me to take him to the Valley, so to keep him happy this season I suggested a Charlton under21 season ticket . Oh! how things change, my son now has a girlfriend who understandably comes first in almost everything he wants to do, so after having suggested that I would subsidize the purchase of a season ticket he boldly asked me " thanks Dad for the season ticket offer but my girlfriend would really like me to learn to drive so instead of the season ticket, could you pay for some driving lessons . OK I thought good idea as I'm going to save some ££££ and the sooner he learns to drive the better for us because it can be a right royal pain in the bum, when he asks for a lift at 1 am .
So yesterday I passed the BSM shop in Bromley and read the big sign saying book ten lessons before August 10th and get 10% off- or something like that, so yep I went in and enquired . Not only was I
persuaded to book 10 lessons but also 6 lessons on a simulator which when explained would really save you loads of dosh as your son will be ready to drive straight away on his first lesson. Total cost for that lot was £325.00, shoot there goes any chance of saving money.

Bougherra to go Zi Zi next

Pardew seems a little pissed off and who can blame him . At the bloggers get together Mr Murray said that ZiZi is desperate to play in the premiership and I am surprised that there has not been a descent offer from a top six premiership club. ZiZi has massive marketing potential and possibly the biggest in the world, he is a national hero in China and if he was to play for one of the top six premiership clubs they could double their support overnight and television rights could bring in millions.
Why do I fear that we will become a Norwich or Ipswich - well supported but unable to build a squad good enough due to financial restrictions .

Mexicans love the Premiership

The other Sunday we met some people from Mexico and of course the conversation got around to football . Apparently the English Premiership is watched by millions of Mexicans on Sky TV and the top four have massive following. My question was if that is the case why are there not more Mexicans players in the premiership and to my surprise the reply was- Mexican players are the highest paid players outside of Europe .

Come on you Reds