Sunday, 28 September 2008

From a depressed CND -Charlton 1 Sheffield Wed 2 and Cool Hand Luke is Dead

Charlton 1 Sheffield Wednesday 2

What a beautiful day Saturday was, only spoilt by my heavy hangover from a tennis Club Curry evening the night before, which was great, but if I'm going to be playing tennis in the morning I must lay off the Cobra's and after meal Brandies. Saturday started sweaty and increased when I started playing tennis, but they say sweating gets rid of impurities, so thankfully by the end of the match I was very pure. An horrendous journey to Valley meant that I arrived 18 minutes late but as I sat down Varney scrambled the ball home and people around me said can you do that again next week. Ten minutes later Varney hit the post and Gray completely messed up on the rebound -what a miss and if he had scored I think it would have been game over as Wednesday hardly threatened. As the first half progressed, we became more and more unconvincing and on 40 minutes the whole defense went to sleep, which allowed Small to run almost 35 yards right across our hesitant defense and place a neat shot into the corner of the net via a post. Terrible defending again allowed Tudgay two minutes later to waltz through the defense leaving Weaver with no chance for the second. The crowd went quiet and I have to say Hudson who had his worst game in a Charlton shirt was mostly to blame for both goals.
In the second-half, Wednesday shut up shop and we never really looked like getting an equaliser. These are strange and dark times being a Charlton supporter and its being made even harder by the heady success of the last ten years, which leaves me with higher expectation
s than I should have.

Weaver 6 On a good day he may well have saved the first shot . He looked slightly out of sorts.
Youga 6 Can do so much better
Cranie 6 An ok game I would prefer him to partner Hudson.
Hudson 5 Every player has to have an off day and he certainly did on Saturday
Primus 5 What is the point of playing an unfit 35 year old
Sam 5 Lacking in confidence-why play him
Holland 7 He playing well but needs the enthusiasm that he has to be reciprocated by the other players
Bailey 5 Like Hudson his worst game in a Charlton shirt
Bouazza 6 Had some good runs but the final ball lacked composure
Varney 7 Good game but a little too greedy at times
Gray 5 He has to improve

Subs 5 Todorov -looked so unfit- difficult game to come into Basey 5 did noth
ing Ambrose 6 actually looked quite sharp .
Crowd 7 Good support in the first half but went quieter after the two crazy Wednesday goals

Paul Newman

Ok Paul Newman had a great life and he fulfilled most of his dreams, so at 83, he did not die before his time. Great movies like Cool Hand Luke , Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid , The Sting and one of his finest performances ,The Road to Perdition made Newman one of the Hollywood greats.
I'm not gay and even if I was I'm sure nobody would care, but if I had a choice of who I could resemble, then
a young Paul Newman is the one bloke I would not mind looking like.

Arsenal 1 Hull City 2

So great for football and the fairy story lives on for Hull -We have been there and I want to experience it again.

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