Wednesday, 31 December 2008

We have a new manager

A New manager
Just got back from the gym which means I will feel less guilty for the blow out I will have tonight.
Anyway hot news that probably everyone has heard -we have a new manager and guess what! his name is Phil Parkinson. Oh well lets hope he can settle things down and really put his name to the new team. This actually looks like a forced decision due to finances and probably a lack of cheap suitable candidates. Crap almighty, what a bloody mess and who could have ever anticipated such a downfall in 36 months. Forest will be my next game and I will get behind the team as usual but Christ its not something I am looking forward to . We so desperately need those three points and if ever there is a game to start a run then this is surely it.

Come on Reds. Please-

Happy New Year to one and all.

Sunday, 28 December 2008

Dont panic Mr Mannering but were doomed I tell ye were doomed

Yes we are but from the ashes we will rise again and I for one will still support our wonderful club who over many years has given me such joy, heartache and most of all something to believe in, be it good or bad. We have to look to the future and basically start again with new management and dare I say it, a new Board. All good things come to an end. Great managers are hard to come by and I would like pay tribute to two past managers, Sir Lennie Lawrence and Alan Curbishley , surely now both proven with out doubt to be the greatest managers in the history of Charlton Athletic, but I would also like to pay homage to the greatest Board the club has ever had, which is the current one. Mr Murray, you have done as much as any Chairman could do and you have ear'nt your well deserved retirement. A new era is about to be begin, so Come on you Reds and I wish everyone a Happy New Year .

Wednesday, 10 December 2008

Lady Luck has deserted us - Charlton 1 Coventry 2

Arriving at the Valley last night on a cold, damp, freezing night I thought to myself, if ever there was an opportunity for us to kick-start our season and get a result, then surely Coventry City are the team we should be playing. At the moment it feels as though we are playing the roulette table and covering every number bar one and guess what that number comes up. We are hitting the wire on the dart board to miss the treble twenty- two out of three throws. We back the favourite only for the horse to fall at the last jump.
Coventry were poor, but unfortunately we were poorer. The bad luck I'm talking about occurred in the second half, when after we equalised from the penalty spot(Burton ) , which not only raised the spirit of the crowd , the players seem to have an extra spring in their step. Unfortunately a minute later, a silly foul gave Coventry a free-kick from 35 yards, which was hit well by Fox, but I thought Weaver was slow to react and of course it hit the post and flew into the other corner. I'm trying to be optimistic but in all honesty, this is the most difficult time in more than twenty years being a Charlton supporter.
In the first half an injury to McEveley after 13 minutes upset the balance of the team and his replacement Semedo who in my opinion, is far better as a holding midfield player. Coventry really had to do very little to hold a very stagnant and tepid Charlton side clearly lacking in confidence, never more evident, than by watching Nicky Bailey who is shadow of the fresh faced enthusiastic player he first was when we signed him. Weaver hardly touched the ball but unfortunately the Coventry keeper (Westwood) also had nothing to do . Of course we could see it coming, instead of taking the game to Coventry we sat back almost in a trance and the only worth while attack resulted in a goal for Coventry after 40 minutes . A great cross from Fox was put away neatly by Simpson and the home crowd went as quite as I have ever known . Not one player out of the 22 deserved any more than a four star rating. In the second half, apart from the first 5 minutes it was very much a repeat of the first.
As I left the Valley along the Woolwich Road, past the empty buses from Medway Kent I wondered how long before our new found supporters tire of the long journey to see a depressing inept performance. I didn't boo, I didn't scream and shout but I got behind the team when I saw effort and passion, unfortunately last night there was very little evidence of it.
Sad times for a club that 36 months ago was holding its own in the Premiership. We need a break and something to go our way, surely our luck will turn.

Come on you Reds.

Tuesday, 9 December 2008

Positive-Positive-Positive- COME ON YOU REDS

I haven't posted for a few weeks as my thoughts and feelings about my beloved Charlton have been so negative . What is the point of posting negative posts when at this traumatic time, not only in our season but our Illustrious history the club need all the collective support it can get.
All sorts of unbelievably gross scenarios have been played out in my mind, then the positive kicks in. There are some similarities to A Christmas Carol which we watched on a lazy Sunday afternoon.

The Negative:
(Ive been neglecting Charlton although work has been manic )

No. 1 Charlton finish bottom -Millwall are promoted and Palace make the Premiership via the play-offs.

No. 2 Charlton go into administration and free-fall all the way to the Conference.

No. 3 Charlton go into receivership and are wound- up as bankrupt. A new club is formed called Charlton Rovers and start a new life in Rymans Division Two.

The Positive (I'm back and I will not miss a another home game all season)

No. 1 Players suddenly hit form and go on a fantastic run that sees Charlton make the play-offs .

No. 2 Unpopular for some -Alan Curbishley takes over until the end of the season and sees us to safety, then gets his wish to manage in the Premiership again.

No. 3 We only get 34 points all season but 3 teams go into administration and are each deducted 19 points, we are saved.

Father Christmas needs to make an early visit to the Valley tonight and inspire the lads to a 2-0 win. Hopefully I can leave work early tonight and grab a couple of pints before the game, then at least I will have had some comfort from tonight's proceedings if all goes pear-shaped. It wont positive- positive- positive

Charlton 2 Coventry 0 Holland -Gray

Attn 16, 975 (Its going to be 3 degrees below freezing tonight)