Sunday, 14 September 2008

It could be a long hard winter Charlton 1 Wolves 3

Rarely have I felt so low coming away from the Valley after another home defeat. Last season we lost eight at home and that was against Championship opposition -not Premiership which I could live with. This season after two home wins I thought the Valley was becoming a fortress and away teams would find it really difficult to take a point let alone a win. A very frustrating afternoon after a great start with Bailey my man of the match scoring a wonder goal, we simply slipped into last seasons style of play where most of the players didn't seem to know what the other is doing. For me Bailey is a class act and unlike some other blog reports I think he had a great game and his passing ability really shone through. We must build the team round him and Hudson the only other player who deserved any credit. Wolves played well but certainly not exceptionally so and they more or less strolled the second half to earn themselves an easy win. I had a great start to the the day with a very competitive tennis match in glorious autumn sunshine, followed by a couple of pints of Whistable ale (I would recommend this beer to any real ale drinker who likes a light refreshing tasty ale) and a dash to the Valley followed by a lovely walk through Charlton Park, surprisingly so, as I approached the Valley I was not filled with confidence and sometimes you just have that feeling that the team is just not good enough as our two homes wins against Swansea and Reading were certainly not a stroll in the park.
This is hard times being a Charlton fan and we are slowly becoming a Norwich, Ipswich, but hopefully not Leicester.
Oh well worst things happen at sea, but maybe we will have to settle for a few seasons of being in the wilderness.

Come on you Reds.

Weaver 7 Played well and was not at fault with any of the goals
Craine 6 Thought he had a good game but possibly should have stopped the cross for the second.
Fortune 6 Ok but that was all
Hudson 7 Played well
Youga 6 Can play so much better
Holland 7 Chased and ran himself into the ground
Bailey 8 Best Charlton player and passed the ball as well as DB at his best
Sam 5 Confidence at an all time low
Varney 6 Ran as usual but just lacked that cutting edge
Gray 5 Was he playing
Bouazza 6 Definitely a confidence player

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