Sunday, 5 October 2008

Just what the Doctor ordered-Charlton 2 Ipswich 1

Charlton 2 Ipswich 1

After yesterday, it feels like the raging infection we have all been suffering from has just been alleviated by taking the first antibiotics which have just started to kick in. It wasn't pretty, it wasn't classic football, but the team got a job done and the little bit of luck we had, was deserved by a determined Charlton team. After playing in a tennis Vets tournament , a Ploughmans, and a couple of pints of guest ale -Shepherd Neame- Late Red I really didn't have much inclination to make the awkward journey to the Valley (Road works playing havoc) but there is one thing I have never been accused of, and that is being a fair weather supporter, how could I be, having supported Charlton for more than 40 years, in fact it is probably more likely that I have been accused of being masochistic, especially in the dark old days of third division football.

The match -I enjoyed the game, probably because there was so much at stake and I have always preferred to watch football when there is a real edginess to it . We started brightly and Bailey was getting amongst the Ipswich midfield, I really do think we have found a gem from the lower divisions and even when he has a below par game, he still gives 100% and does not shy away from the ball. Bailey fired a great free-kick after 6 minutes but unfortunately his prowess in the tackle does mean that he is likely to get injured more often than say Ambrose, and that is exactly what happened after 10 minutes . We go 1-0 up yet again, every home game has been the same, we seem to clam up and go into a shell and allow the wounded opposition to fight back , its about time we went for the jugular . Ipswich pressed after Bailey limped off and we totally lost our momentum. A missed header by Youga allowed Walters to put in a great cross, which I think if Cranie hadn't sliced into his own net, the on rushing Ipswich forward would have had an easy tap-in. So after 34 minutes the score is 1-1 and you can guess how I thought this match was going to end. We dug deep and to be honest I was pleased to hear the half-time whistle. I needed to stretch my legs so I walked around the bar area and I noticed the pessimism and lethargy amongst the supporters -Strange atmosphere indeed. In the second half Semedo replaced Craine who I feel adds nothing to the team, so I was quite happy with his replacement, in fact I thought Semedo was the best player on the park in the second half. We rode our luck and just about deserved the second and winning goal from a great Darren Ambrose cross which was turned into his own net by Voltz on 60 minutes. A nervous 30 minutes later, relieved cheers rang out from the crowd as we secured a very important win . No need to say it but I will, we need to build on this result and a mightily relieved Pardew had this to say to the press "The pressure was on and when you have been manager of West Ham for four years, you get used to the pressure, but this week has been tough. Ive not been sleeping too well , but I can sleep well tonight"

Player Ratings

Weaver -7 More passionate than I have ever seen him -good game- good game as Brucie would say
Cranie- 6. Sorry, for me he adds nothing
Primus- 7 Better game, but he is just here to get fit
Hudson 9 Captain Fantastic
Youga 6 Sloppy sometimes, but should still retain his place
Ambrose 7 One of his better games -So much skill if only he would use it more often
Bailey 7 Missed him when he had to go off-Already player of the year
Zhi 6 Look as though he will need some games before we see his best
Bousazza 7 Busy game just don't think we have seen the best of him so far
Tordorov 7 I watched his game very closely and he played some very clever through balls which Varney didn't read
Varney 7 Made him self a nuisance and on the whole had a good game


Holland 8 Bloody great game-what heart
Semedo 9 Great second half-Pardew please play him more often


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