Friday, 29 August 2008

A missed opportunity

Its looks as though Zheng Zhi will be a West Bromwich player before the transfer deadline closes on Monday. One of the first comments from Richard Murray at the Bloggers meeting about ZZ was "we all know ZZ plays too much football" his second comment was "he is desperate to play in the Premiership. We have rarely seen the best of ZZ and when he first arrived he was thrown into the lions den with a fierce and frantic relegation battle in the Premiership that tempered his natural flair and skill . In the Championship he is too easily hustled out of a game and with no protection from a hard tackling midfield player he simply fades . Typically it now looks as though Nicky Bailey is the sort of player who could protect ZZ and allow him to play the sort of game we all know he is capable of. In a good Premiership team I think that ZZ will flourish and become an exceptional player. Alas it will not be in a Charlton shirt and probably not in a West Brom shirt as they will surely struggle this season but I'm sure they will undoubtedly capitalize on ZZ marketing potential which I feel we failed to do . The Hawthorns will suddenly see a lot more Chinese supporters attending home games.

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...and buying shirts, CND