Saturday, 16 August 2008

Coming to terms with reality and the Olympics on HD-Fantastic

I'm in a time warp
Its official, after seven years of punching above our weight our financial and football status is probably in the position where it should be. One big advantage of being in the premiership for all those years is, it has enabled the club to build a ground to be proud of and a fan base that is one of the strongest in the Championship. We have, or I have been living the romance and illusion that Charlton Athletic football Club is just that, a football club we passionately support on a Saturday afternoon, but in reality, it is of course a business that Directors pump money into in the hope there will be a financial return on a successful football club. The Directors, especially Richard Murray has pumped the majority of his fortune into the club and I think his heart ruled his head as we all lived the dream, but relegation and failure to regain premiership football has been incredibly traumatic and Murray has pulled away from the precipice just in time. Never again will money be pumped into the club as it has been over the last ten years-once bitten twice shy, unless the Board can find an overseas benefactor which it is actively seeking. My support for the club is stronger than ever at the moment and I feel as though I am in a time warp, a bit like that great series, Life On Mars, where the main character DCI Sam Taylor after being hit by a car gets mysteriously transported back to the seventies, 1973 to be precise.
Of course we have made great strides since those Dickensian days of the 70's where you felt that if all the 4,500 fans attending an average home game had brought a bottle of weedkiller to use on the terracing it might just have killed all the weeds growing there. The reason my support for the Reds is so strong is because I seem to have a lot more time to dedicate myself to the cause, as I did in the early 70's when I was Mortgage free, Debt free and a married life with children was a long way off. The kids are grown up and it is time for us to join the S.K.I.
Come on you Reds
Watford 1 Charlton 2 (Gray, Varney)

The Olympics

What a pleasure it has been to watch the Olympics, especially on BBC High Definition.
The games have been very watchable and it nice to wake up at 7am and catch an hour or so before work. Watching in Hi Definition you experience the feeling of being there and the sound is so superior to ordinary digital TV . It wont be long before all TV is in HD.


Anonymous said...

I'm at the opposite end of the spectrum to you CND. I was there in the 70's, but my son is only seven. And he lives and feels CAFC. And I feel guilty for inflicting this on him. Before he was born I could bury my feelings and emotions - now I have to to share them and speak them.

We now know that the Curbs year were the peak - I doubt I will see the the like again.

But against Swansea, I pointed up to J block in the Covered End (from lower H in the Esat Stand) and said to my son that when he gets to about 13 we'd get a season ticket up there. It ain't exactly reaching for the stars, but I always felt that singing your heart out for the boys was an antidote for most things.

Pembury Addick

charlton north-downs said...

Pembury thanks for your comments definitely the best I have ever had.
All the best