Sunday, 31 August 2008

Feeling as flat as a pancake

OK I do have a life outside of watching Charlton and on a Saturday night we are normally doing something, and I try not to show how I feel when Charlton lose, but I have got to say last night it was difficult not too. I was on such a high from last weeks great win against Reading that I thought we must put in a great performance at Preston. I was feeling very disappointed until I read Ketts report on Dr Kish
and how he traveled with his mates all the way to Deepdale, which is a difficult journey, only to see Charlton put in a tepid, totally indifferent , basically crap performance. My disappointment has been put in perspective-What must they have felt like on the journey back to South East London
Ketts and friends and any supporter who made the trip - I salute you.

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