Sunday, 6 December 2009

A wins a win- Charlton 1 Southend 0

Charlton 1 Southend 0

After a good mornings tennis and a couple of lovely pints of Rabbit Ale-3.7, so not too strong I rushed to the Valley, purchased my £17 ticket for the North Stand, sat down and waited for the entertainment to begin. Well I'm not going to be too critical because the boys looked tired and short of creative football for most of the match. Southend looked a good footballing side without the cutting edge to exploit a Charlton team content to sit back and enjoy a flimsy 1-0 lead. After 25 minutes, Lloyd Sam supplied the cross for Man of the Match Dean Burton to head home . The trouble with the view from the North Stand is you miss a lot of the goal mouth action within the six yard box in front of the Jimmy Seed stand, so it took me a couple seconds to jump out of my seat and realise we had scored. One great save from Elliott just before we scored was the only other highlight worth mentioning. Sorry this was a dour game probably because both teams seemed to cancel each other out. The positive spin is : We played badly and won. The defense looks very solid and won the game for us. Burton is a revelation who holds the ball up well and his clever link play should lead to more attacking options. Its funny how a narrow 1-0 win can still leave you on a high meaning that for most supporters winning is everything.
The middle of the defense was magnificent today , The midfield was poor and that affected the whole game. It will come together over the following weeks and I don't want to give our promotion the kiss of death -But Norwich and Leeds are due a bad patch.

Elliott 8 Great save that gave us all 3 points -still a bit of a Dracula at times.
Richardson 7 Did a job -unfortunately seems very injury prone at the moment
Sodji 8 Great enthusiasm-perfect performance
Dailly 8 What a signing -If we are promoted I hope we can get another Season out of him
Basey 6 Unless he starts to read the game like Bobby Moore his pace is going to be a real handicap
Wagstaff 5 Sorry he had a stinker
Sam 6 Can do so much more
Bailey 6 Tried to hard -Not a happy about him feigning injury
Racon 5 Poor Game
Burton 9 Harried chased and his clever hold up play goes unnoticed.
Mooney 6 Went missing and missed a sitter to boot.

Why being a Charlton Supporter can never be a hobby

It shouldn't happen but it does - If Charlton win I'm on a high if they lose, I get over it, but it does effect my mood for a couple of hours -Sad really but supporting your team is for life and if you try to rationalize and explain it I don't think you can. A hobby is something you do in your spare time, it helps you to relax. Supporting Charlton is just like being on a roller coaster that never stops.
Explain this = When I was 10 in 1967 my Dad took me and my cousin to watch Tottenham play Manchester United. Both teams had World class players - Jennings , Greaves, Mackay-Charlton, Law. Best. The score was 2-1 to Tottenham - Greaves and Gilzean for Spurs and George Best scored a cracker for United in front of 57,000. The Following week I persuaded my Dad to take me to the Valley to watch Charlton beat Preston 2-0, in front of 11,000 - Matt Tees scored both goals - That was it, a hooked fish line and sinker for life. Really I cant explain it and I don't think anyone on these forums can either.


Ken Jennings said...

I CAN explain it, CND. We are all NUTS!

By the way, "Basey 6 Unless he starts to read the game like Bobby Moore his pace is going to be a real handicap" is right on the money.

charlton north-downs said...

Ken your right of course were all mad- mad I tell you. Wouldn't it be easy to support Arsenal Man Utd Chelsea, but no we have to support little ol'Charlton

Anonymous said...

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