Friday, 6 August 2010

Trying to be positive is the hardest thing to do

Stress is a killer, I read somewhere that if a male adult had the stress level of a 2 year old they could treble their life expectancy. What a scary thought, 234 years old and probably fitter and more active than the average 18 year old today. Only one thing worth living that long for apart from seeing possibly your great, great, great, great grandchildren get married would be to see Charlton play premiership football again. The way things are panning out it may take that life-span for Charlton to play top-flight football again-hold on surely not how about 31 years 1956-1987.
The unfortunate thing about my own personal employment circumstances is that it has declined as quickly and dramatically as Charlton' s fall from the lofty heights of the Premiership. Lets hope I am wrong but we may have been part of a golden era for a small South London Club from 1987 to 2006 when we played top-flight football for 12 seasons within that period. If anyone had told me at the time of attending my first match at the Valley in March 1967, that in 20 years time Charlton will be in the First Division I would have called for the men in white coats to take them away. The golden era for small clubs are few and far between so we may have to be very patient.
Blackpool could be on the verge of a golden era and it is because of them that I will have an interest in the premiership this season. Ian Holloway brakes the mould and wears his heart and emotions on his sleeve. Hopefully the incredible group £5 million bonus promised by club chairman Karl Oyston will have been paid by the start of the new premiership season. Players like midfielder Keith Southern will receive £425,000 in bonuses as he played the majority of games last season, this represents more than twice his annual salary and apparently makes the bonuses the Inter Milan players received after winning the Champions league seem like small change.
Fair dues to the chairman but I wonder if he thought the board would ever have to pay out.
Confession time- I do have a soft spot for Tottenham mainly because I admire Harry Redknapp.
and the football they played towards the end of last season was exceptionally entertaining. Surely his management success is second to none. He will be offered the England job by popular demand despite the rumours .

The New Season
The opposite of stress is optimism even if some say its the hope that kills when supporting Charlton. A clean slate with Murray in total control, it seems as though our club is being reborn. Maybe we should rename our team Charlton 2010 Athletic. That elusive striker will be with us soon, if not maybe one of the youngsters, if given a chance will shine .
Unfortunately On Saturday I have to attend a wedding but will be anxiously listening out for the result. Its a drug supporting Charlton and I salute the dedicated amongst us who spend most of their cash and spare time following the Reds. Playing sport especially tennis will always be my priority but supporting and attending matches are a close second. The new season begins and I hope to attend as many home games as I can . Come on you Reds-Keep it going.

Charlton 2 Bournemouth 0

Hats off to New York Addick for his attempt to Run the Chicago marathon -he will succeed I'm sure as long as he gives up those pints of Guinness.

Its never to late to get fit -Just read Kings Hill latest blog -if he can do it then anyone can .


Ketts said...

Great to have you back CND.

Anonymous said...

welcome back CND!

Pembury Addick