Monday, 11 February 2008

Ive Been Basking All Weekend.(Breaking news Dowie Sacked)

After Friday night's wonderful result, I have the real feel good factor which is also being helped by the fantastic weather we are having. Saturday started with a good tennis match in temperatures that you would be happy with in early May, then some lunch in the club which was even more enjoyable than usual because there were several Palace supporters in the Bar . They were very honest, as they all admitted Palace were totally outclassed on the night and even went on to say Charlton must be favourites for promotion -kiss of death.
Saturday afternoon the nerves were jangling as I took my daughter for her first driving lesson, although she has had several with a qualified instructor . Did I say lesson, well it was more like an instruction to avoid cars, slow down and both of ending up more stressed out than when we first started. It is hard to believe how quickly time has flown and it seems just only yesterday she was starting infants school.
Sunday- still feeling great about our fabulous victory, a lovely walk in Tonbridge along the river in brilliant sunshine and a Chinese Buffet as a reward made for a great weekend.
As a weather anorak, this winter will go down as one of the mildest of the last hundred years narrowly beaten by last year. Spring has sprung at least six weeks early and blossom is already on the trees. We seem to have only three seasons now, Spring, Autumn and Summer -Winter no longer exists, but try telling that to Chicago who will have experienced temps. of -20c. New York is having a very mild winter similar to ours although naturally colder.
Back to Football or Tennis if you like , you break a service game at 3-3, unless you hold your own serve the previous game means nothing and this applies to Tuesday's match at Sheffield Wednesday, beating Palace great but lose on Tuesday and its the Play-Off's for us. Now where is that dye for white hair.
Breaking news Ian Dowie is relieved of his duties at Coventry. Got to feel a little sorry for the guy, as his street-cred is now zero.
Come on you Reds
Sheffield Wednesday 1 Charlton 2 (Gray, Holland)


Chicago Addick said...

Absolutely bloody freezing back in Chicago ND, but I'm in Ft Lauderdale where it is beautiful.

I remember my Dad gave me a driving lesson once, I ended getting out of the car on Blackheath and walking home.

Tonbridge Castle is a nice place, I used to live near there and had many walks around it when my son was younger.

Anonymous said...

The walk around the castle is a bit special, and if you go prepared you can follow the archaeology of it too. You can also really get up the nose of your Doris too! ("come on, we haven't got all day, cackle cackle,...")

Pembury Addick

charlton north-downs said...

Tonbridge is one of our favourite places and if you walk far enough along the Medway you come to a very attractive Country Park and its very nice to sit and watch the Anglers with Carp Rods trying their luck