Monday, 30 July 2007

Friendlies dont mean a thing

Several years back I still went to friendlies and enjoyed them and in my naivety, when the team put in unbeaten pre-season run I thought that's it, we are going to win the league. Well I have learnt my lesson and friendlies apart from fitness don't mean diddly squat . When on a barmy summer night I remember Charlton then in the old third division beat Coventry, then in the old first Division 3-2 a couple of thousand fans went wild, because at that time it was a big win. Once the season started, all went pear shaped and we finished about 15th .
I'm praying we have a great season and if we don't make it, Pardew is prepared to give it another season.


Anonymous said...

I agree but I wasn't saying that when we beat Millwall 4-1 last season (but then look what happened).

Oggy Red said...

Cheer up CND.

We've got some of the dross out and a bundle of new players in.

We played well enough against a poor Jills and we're all just enjoying the moment.

Anyway, it gives us all plenty to talk about. ;-)

Chicago Addick said...

I gave up on friendlies about 20 years ago. If we beat Man U 3-0 or draw with Aldershot 0-0, it doesn't change how I feel one iota. It is what happens on the training ground between the start of pre-season and Aug 11th that counts.