Monday, 17 September 2007

Supporting Charlton to be given a Government Health warning (part two)

Doctors are now advising supporters of Charlton Athletic to seek medical help and have their Blood and Cholesterol level checked immediately. For the last four years Doctors have been advising patients with High Blood pressure to actively start supporting Charlton as a form of therapy, as the non- action on the pitch, was considered therapeutic . Unfortunately there has been a dramatic turnaround this year and several people have noticed they are suffering heart palpitations. Doctors are to hold urgent talks with Charlton Manager Alan Pardew to sort out his defense or face the consequences of an epidemic. Doctors are also advising supporters not to listen to Charlton matches live on the radio when driving, especially if they are with their wife or partner who may be particularly talkative . Several explosive arguments have occurred, when the driver has answered yes!
to a question similar to" do I look fat in this". This has been happening whilst Charlton are seeking an equaliser, after gifting the opposition their normal two goal start.

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