Saturday, 14 June 2008

How could I get it so wrong-Euro 2008 fantastico

Of course I was never going to be able to miss the Euros even if England failed miserably to qualify and I having declared my disinterest.-stupid boy-how wrong can one person be. So far this has been one of most entertaining and open Euro tournaments for years and long may it continue. Watching highlights in the evening and the odd live match has captured my enthusiasm again for the beautiful game. What I have or did not realise is that I have been suffering one almighty hangover from Charlton's dismal finish to the season. Well folks I'm back and I cant wait for the new season and I cant wait for the next Euro match . Surely the France v Italy game is going to be one almighty showdown with both having to win and even that might not be enough.
Holland , Spain, Portugal and Croatia have played the sort of football I love to watch and England now look like a million miles behind those teams in technique , vision and team spirit.
Bring it on -the next Euro match that is.


Anonymous said...

Couldn't agree more - it's been a great competition, with some truly cracking matches and a level of inventive football to savour. And personally I'm happier because England isn't there - no worry about drunken fans shaming us, no worry about useless players shaming us, no tabloids telling us about how we are the best in the world and locked on certainties to win. Instead I've had the chance to sit back and enjoy the skills of others rather than loyally rooting for a bunch of no-hopers.

charlton north-downs said...

Anon. Unfortunately your right about England, the press , the fans. Hopefully one day we will be able to support an England team worthy of all its hype and we can be proud once again.