Thursday, 14 June 2007

Darren Bent is the Best Striker to wear a Red Shirt.

Probably controversial , but my top ten strikers that I have seen play are

1. Daren Bent- Scored goals at the top level and in a poor team for two seasons.

2. Andy Hunt - One of the best all round strikers I have seen in a red shirt, but never performed at the top level because of his illness. What a partnership he could have made with a fit Mendonca.

3. Clive Mendonca- A hero and a legend. A great goal poacher and again denied playing regularly in the top flight, due to injury.

4. Derek Hales- A great goal scoring machine, but not at the highest level. Took a long time to settle at Charlton, but scored loads of goals in a long career . The Championship is far stronger now than the old Second Division. Just a matter of opinion of course.

5. Jason Euell- supporters seem to have forgotten how good he was and our top scorer for three seasons, although not a true striker. It all went pear-shaped on one match against Man Utd

6. Mike Flanagan- Scored 120 goals for Charlton , a great all round performer.

7. Paul Williams- Never played at the Valley, but finished top scorer for two seasons at the graveyard in the old First Division, so quick around the box . Went on to play well for Sheffield Wednesday.

8. Ray Treacy - Did not score a great number of goals but the ones he did score were spectacular and very important.

9. Arthur Horsfield-The real old fashioned Centre Forward.

10. Paul Walsh -What a talent but I never looked upon him as a striker because of his all round play -Could have been a contender if he had played more matches.


Daniel Clark said...

What? No Leaburn...

Blackheath Addicted said...

If you're going on best players for Charlton you have to put Derek Hales up top. If you're going on best players (over their careers) ever to pull on a Charlton shirt you have to include Alan Simonsen (he was European player of the year after all), arguably John Barnes, and for fun George Best (made a guest appearance in a friendly, against Arsenal if I remember correctly).

Chicago Addick said...

Don't agree with your top 10 - I would have the following:

1. Bent
2. Mendonca
3. Hales
4. Simmo
5. Walsh
6. Williams
7. Flanagan
8. Hunt
9. Nelson
10. Euell

Players before 1975 not included.

newyorkaddick said...

Paolo di Canio didn't score many goals (I'm not sure he scored any from open play as it happens), but he was excellent for us in my view.

And can Robert Lee be considered a striker? If so, he'd have to be in the top three surely.

Rodrigo said...

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Chicago Addick said...

Sorry Rodrigo, can you say that again?

NYA - Di Canio is a good call. Lee was more of a winger, cum midfielder in my view.

charlton north-downs said...

It is difficult to choose
between striker and midfield. Di Canio was more of a midfield creator than a striker. Out and out striker has got to be Derek Hales, he did little else, but score goals. Bent, Hunt, Flanagan and Walsh, movement off the ball fantastic and they scored goals. Gary Nelson, just shows you what you can achieve, if you have a big heart, one of of my favourite players, but not a striker. Robert Lee one of the best attacking midfield players to wear a
Red shirt.

MJB said...

Presume you were too young to have missed out on Eddie Firmani and Stuart Leary. much to your misfortune.