Wednesday, 20 June 2007

Time to get Personal

Well this is it, after a few drinks too many, what I have wanted to write suddenly has to be written. The blogs, they are all brilliant some better than others, but all of them well worth reading. So many, it has to be unique, but may be it goes hand in hand with Charlton. Andy Hunt said"Charlton supporters like to write blogs" This week I became an orphan , although my mothers death was a blessing, as she had suffered recently in great pain, from severe emphysema and for many years struggled to have any quality of life in a nursing home. Along with my Dad she was a Charlton Supporter who's favourite player was Keithie Peacock (she thought he was sweet)
They will probably think what a tosser, but NY, Chicago and FV, write some of the best posts on their Blogs, be they serious, or tongue in cheek, and you can unintentionally piece bits of their life together. They are working , or have worked abroad, something I have always regretted not doing, so with envy I pay particular interest to their posts. Please keep all of the blogs going, you have added something that has been missing for sometime and my love of Charlton and all that goes with it will never die.

Come on you Reds.


Johnny73 said...

Charlton North Downs,

Having been through a similar experience, I think you are extremely brave to post your thoughts online. I offer my sincere condolences. Thank you for sharing.

Chicago Addick said...

CND - you have left me here close to midnight speechless. The modern internet is a great medium, and it is easy to be brave sat at a keyboard but it's bloody hard to be so guileless.

My thought are with you. Come on you Addicks.


StoneMuse said...

Sorry to hear of your sad loss. My mum died a number of years ago and I know how tough it is.
Keep your blog going - I know it is not too much of a consolation at the moment, but your wider Charlton family will help in the long run.


Blackheath Addicted said...

Was gearing up to post some fresh nonsense on Jordan, signings, world peace etc. But not today. Deepest sympathy.

charlton north-downs said...

Many thanks for your support and sympathies. It was a difficult decision to publish the post and probably deleted ten times before it was, but I am glad that I did. It was a very clumsy attempt to write a tribute to my Mum who dispite having to look after 4 young children, still managed to get to the Valley three or four times a season, until she was not well enough to do so. When wheel chair bound she, along with my Dad followed the Addicks on telly and in the papers. Please go to Confidential Ricks blog as he needs our support even more.

Kappacino Kid said...

Keep on going mate, deepest sympathies and best regards from the Forest Hill Addick

p said...

My sympathy goes out to you CND. My Mum died two years ago and it is very tough. Keep the faith.