Wednesday, 20 June 2007

Bloggers Certainly Seem to Like Kish

After trawling the Blogs. over the last 24 hours, the majority of Bloggers seem to have an affinity for Kish, although not particularly admiring his football skills, but his work rate and commitment, which I think is second to none. Having never lowered myself to boo any Charlton player, although inside I have felt deep anger at some of the time wasters I have seen playing in a Red shirt, it upset me to hear Kish being booed on a regular basis. My guess is the booing would not come from the die hard Charlton supporter, who has been through the good times and the bad. Over the years I have seen plenty of players who really should only have played in the lower leagues, probably the Conference at best, how some played more than 50 games for Charlton I will never know. Against Bolton two seasons ago I went with a couple of mates and moved from my regular seat to one at ground level, I was able to observe Kish more closely and my admiration for him grew that day as he ran his socks off and really muscled in on the delicate boys from Lancashire. Murphy was like a spoiled two year old, where as Kish never let his head drop, even after being substituted he cheered from the sidelines. Most teams need a Kish type player, but they are only at their most effective beside a play maker with good skills.
Good Luck Kish.


StoneMuse said...

Fully agreed - I will miss Kish for the commitment and honesty he brought to the team.

Kappacino Kid said...

A lot of those that booed Kish were the new fans, who had never been through the times when we could not afford anything better than thrid raters, they never saw Kenny Achampong. Historically we have always supported triers and Kish always gave his heart and soule form the club. To be fair he never got the vitriol that Lisbie does, because he looks like he tries and Lisbie does not. Rumours lat week were that Lisbie was at Palace, lets hope the ink is about to dry ona contract there.