Friday, 29 June 2007

Good Luck Benty -Cheers Mate

He's finally going and he certainly has my best wishes. 37 goals in 79 matches, almost a goal every other game in one of the worst Charlton Teams in the last 8 years . With statistics like that, if he can continue that sort of scoring rate at Tottenham, then surely we will see Bent as an England regular. In the past I have always wanted to see ex- players do well ( apart from" The Usual Suspects" What a great film by the way, If you have not seen it, see it, your in for a treat, one of the best endings to any film I have seen) and Bent is certainly no exception.
Now we have a bit of dosh to splash, please lets hope Pardew can find that elusive midfield dynamo (that's giving a way my age)

Come on you Reds


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