Friday, 15 June 2007

Benty is a hero, even to my wife

Well I was telling my wife, who only watches football when England are playing in the World Cup or the Euro Champs., even then she disappears when the going gets tough, that Darren Bent has turned down a move to West Spam, which would effectively have netted him £80 grand a week and probably a handsome signing on fee . Her pet hate is the overpaid, brainless, incoherent premiership footballer, who just turns out for the wonga and may even be happy to sit on the bench. Our Darren, I think we can call him that now, is quickly turning into the legend of all legends . We all stand/sit on the terrace, on a Saturday afternoon, for the love of the game and more importantly, the love of Charlton and hope our hero's are there just for the shirt, which is totally unrealistic, but we all wish it, well Benty has certainly gone up in my wife's estimation and I will be expecting his poster on the bedroom wall anytime soon. He is proud to wear the shirt and if only we had more players like him, we would still be a premiership team.
Come on you Reds


Anonymous said...

He has turned down Wet Spam cos he would much prefer to move to Liverpool or Spurs. Do you honestly believe he will be with us next season??????

charlton north-downs said...

We can always dream and for the moment I am.