Monday, 16 April 2007


On Saturday we went for walk at Bewl Water
and what a lovely day it was . The reservoir was built in 1973 to try and alleviate the water shortage that Kent has had for more than 60 years. Just off the A21 one mile South of Lamberhurst the scenery and location is unrivaled and is now one of Sevenwonders of the Weald
We started walking from the Visitors Centre clockwise over the Dam Wall and as the weather was incredible for Mid-April (23c ) we soon got very warm and regretted bringing extra tops with us. What was nice is to see young people doing various activities be it Dinghy Sailing Windsurfing and Bike riding which seemed to be the most popular.(wish we could get out teenage kids doing some exercise)There is a circular walk -Round Reservoir Walk which is 12 1/2 miles that takes about 7 hours , we thought we would start training for that for a months time after we have cut down on our beer and wine intake, which always goes up over the winter months, as we ventured further we saw less and less people for obvious reasons. For £5.00 a car a great day out and just in case- I don't work for the Kent Tourist Board. Would like to of included some pictures but have only just learnt how to include links, another couple of weeks-no problem.


Chicago Addick said...

Great spot - nice memory. Not far from where I used to live.

charlton north-downs said...

It was at its most pristine with the water levels almost at capacity after
the wettest winter in the South-East for a 100 years.

Anonymous said...

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