Friday, 6 April 2007

Manchester or bust

Todays game is yet another cup-final and the butterflies are starting to flutter. My wife just cant understand the fuss "its only a game" if only. My life is busy and my other love tennis keeps me fit and playing matches all over Kent but the buzz I get from watching and listening to Charlton cant be beaten, I wonder how people get through there lives not supporting a football team, the ups and downs probably do nothing for the blood pressure but I would rather support any team than nothing at all.
Im not travelling to Manchester, so will listen on the radio so my wife will probably go out as she cant bare me when im jumping about and going red in the face with tension. Todays game is more than just important its a matter of life or death (that was the title of a great film with David Niven) Come on you reds
Man City 1 Charlton 1

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