Friday, 6 April 2007

Taking the plunge

Well I have been reading blogs for along time now mainly Charlton Blogs-Frankie Valley-New York Addick and Chicago Addick are my favourites and they dont just write about Charlton but a number of topics that interest me on most days. My wife and children dont share my love of football and the only work colleague who was a fellow Addick retired two years ago, and my father who went to the great Charlton Supporters club in the sky some time ago, has left me with things to say and chat about . Do people start blogs for five minutes of fame(Unlikely as you might not be read by anyone) or share a view of a topic that can be agreed with or not. There is nothing better than a debate( or a mass-de-bate) and I want to talk about things so there. As Chigago Addick once replied to an e:mail which critisized his blog and slated it for not talking exclusively about Charlton his reply was piss off there are plenty of other blogs and this blog is for me or something like that, and I totally agree .
So I've done it a complete novice when it comes to computers but sometimes you have to be brave.

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