Monday, 23 April 2007


There has been more tension over the last eight weeks than in the last two years down at the Valley and I don't think I can take anymore (God knows how the manager and players must feel). Oh for a Scott Parker on Saturday, I blame our predicament on Abramovich and his millions , his pocket money bought the best Charlton player ever, all because he witnessed the best Charlton team ever destroy Chelsea . (galling thing is Raneri did not even want to buy Parker as they had an abundance of midfield players, but I am sure he would of gone anyway so I suppose there no point harping on about the past. We just needed a midfield player to take the game by the scruff of the neck but alas it was not to be. Why do we get punished for every error!, that's the premiership I suppose. Quite frankly I feel we are lucky to be in this position anyway, and I think Pardew believes that as well . His first interview suggested that the task was near impossible, and it looks like its becoming reality .
The next three games are all play off finals, and if we do not win at Blackburn the fat lady will be singing at the top of her voice.
Thankfully a friend invited us to a barbecue on Saturday night (In April -last year we had snow)
and I duly drowned my sorrows on a few bottles of Spitfire . The kids got the karaoke playing and after a few beers too many I joined in . Why is it there is never any Jethro Tull on the play list, a band I have followed almost as long as Charlton .

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