Friday, 27 April 2007


Firstly I wish I had realised that you can change the time on a published post, because I told a couple of work colleagues and the MD, that I had a blog and of course they have been taking the mickey something rotten, and now the MD has noticed what time I have been publishing posts which is normally about 9.30am, and he is not impressed because he knows how busy I claim to be . Then I told the missus that I have ordered a season ticket and how grateful I was and we nearly had a domestic as she said" you always do what you like anyway( which is quite true) and I just thought its about time you got back to having a season ticket, because I know what it means to you", how sweet is that . Now having told a couple of mates about the blog I am paranoid about dodgy replies to posts because there has been at least three and I'm like a big kid if I get one, that's before I realise its a hoax. Oh well love all the mickey taking really as long as its done in jest.
Now I am like a big kid because I have finally got the season ticket in the East stand which allows me to park the car near Charlton Park and pleasant walk to the match,unfortunately my mate can only go to a few matches so I will be Billy no mates for a while but who cares, and can still play tennis in the morning, does it get any better, it certainly can because I want to be seeing premiership football next season, so the lads better do there stuff starting on Saturday. A good excuse to come into work on Saturday afternoon and listen on the radio because I'm unbearable when listening to Charlton at home or in the pub and do get a lot of work done without the phone ringing.
The tension is starting and I can sense it on the other blogs so here it is Blackburn 4 Charlton 1 -Im going to be crying into my beer tonight

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