Thursday, 26 April 2007


Charlton have sent me a season ticket offer which to me has to be one of the best advertising ploys ever. My name appears on the number 12 shirt hanging in the dressing room, and I will be honest with you folks, although I have been a season ticket holder in the past, playing competitive sport has always been my priority and up until I was 30 I played local amateur football at a reasonable level, then my second love tennis which involves playing club matches mostly on Saturday afternoons. This means I try and see as many Charlton matches as I can but they have been when I'm not playing competitive tennis . Anyway my non- loving football wife opened the post and read the details of the season ticket offer and said" if you want to go for the season ticket then do it now", well I nearly choked on my cornflakes, talk about a dream come true ,the timing for this years tennis matches have changed to a 10.30am start which means they finish about 1.30pm, giving me plenty of time to have lunch and a beer with friends, then a 30 minute drive to the Valley. A whole day doing what I want to do, but there has to be catch surely, I will probably find out later sometime during next season when my bank balance is a lot lighter. Although my love for Charlton has never been in question, and I was a season ticket holder for many years, I have always felt guilty that I have not committed my self totally to the cause, but today it changes and I'm back , even though it could be supporting a team in the championship .


Anonymous said...

the seson ticket price is genuine and if we do go down and straight back up the next year is FREE

Can anyone possibly turn down such an offer

Go for it

charlton north-downs said...

Just put my order in 10 minutes ago
What I cant believe is my wife said its was ok.