Sunday, 29 April 2007


Having watched the whole match on Sky last night , it appeared that all the bad luck that could happen , happened in one match . After Carsons clanger (who would be a goalkeeper) things went from bad to worse and on a good day Carson would of only conceded one of those four goals.For sometime now I have felt that we have been punching above our weight.Since the loss of Kinsella and Parker, we have not really had a midfield dynamo(that's an old fashioned term if ever there was one). Because of the limited resources we need at least seven players who are willing to die for the shirt, at the moment I think we have two. Where is the Steve Thompson. Peter Shirtliff, John Humphrey, Steve Brown (That tackle at Wembley for the equaliser) Kinsella , Rufus -the list goes on. The average player at Charlton probably earned £15,000 for Saturdays work and after three weeks, they probably earn more than the average worker can dream about, after tax, a very average player will be a millionaire after 4 years in the Premiership. There is just too much money for players in todays game, unlike the fifties when clubs exploited there stars, and some ended up selling newspapers from street corners. If crowds fall away we may see a more sensible balance of players wages.

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