Wednesday, 9 May 2007


Its obvious, I will never pass the N.Y.P.D. (New York Prose Demands), as I am more of a finance man than a writer, but one thing this Blog will hopefully do, is improve my English and spelling-maybe. As a new blogger, I am trying not to copy other bloggers ideas, or the way they write their Blog entries, but it is quite difficult, when there are so many great bloggers who support Charlton. Confidential Rick is the most unique new blogger and he has set himself a high standard.
It has always been difficult for me to juggle my love of playing football and watching Charlton.
If I had one wish, it would to have excelled at one particular sport, I have always been Mr average, playing for my school team at Football, Cricket and Basketball, but excelled at none, later on, playing local amateur football and now tennis, all very average, and so is this blog.
It has amazed me how many Charlton bloggers, and readers of these blogs there are, and after Mondays jump into the precipices, reading them has made me a feel a hell of lot happier and a lot more positive. Often I get well and truly beaten playing tennis and can be down for a couple of minutes until I hit the bar afterwards, with my first pint, I'm back up again, that's how I feel about Charlton .
Many thanks you bloggers and readers.

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