Saturday, 5 May 2007


About three seasons ago on the day we signed Danny Murphy from Liverpool after turning down Tottenham's generous offer for little old Charlton, I was listening to Talk Sport on the radio and the presenter raised the question,are Charlton a bigger club than Tottenham because of the Murphy affair. Well I had to laugh, there were at least ten irate phone calls from Tottenham fans totally wound up by the suggestion. The presenter just wanted to provoke ,
so the switchboard would be jammed, it worked a treat. There was not one Charlton caller ,I think we all sat back laughing as we know our place, and if you go back as a supporter beyond 86/87, then you realise the fantastic progress the club has made is unprecedented, and expectations are a lot lower than newer supporters, who have only known us as a premiership club.
Well as we view the signing today, with Murphy admitting that he made a mistake(git), I'm glad that we are not bigger than Tottenham, because the expectation of their fans is so high, and how would they cope with relegation staring them in the face, there would be riots on the streets.
At the moment I think Tottenham have potentially one of the best sides in the country outside of the top four and I hold out little hope for Monday night. Charlton have been struggling for the last two seasons to play good football and this season, that lack of quality has been exposed.
If we are relegated I think Pardew is the best man for the job and will rebuild the side to play exciting attacking football . Its what the fans want.


Anonymous said...

Dear CN-D,
In one of those surveys done by accountants Tottenham were the 12th wealthiest club in Europe- their fans have every right to have high expectations and have been served poorly since the cup wins.
They were an underperforming team in the 1st half of the season- but they have weakneses in defence (and strength in attack). The odds are against us-but we do have a chance-
david whyte-whyte-whyte

charlton north-downs said...

Thanks for your comments its always nice to get one.
Your quite right we do have a chance.