Friday, 4 May 2007


Alistair Cooke , a person I could listen to and read his Letter From America all day. A great loss and sadly missed, but he had a very good innings, living to the grand old age of 95. When I first started listening to him on the radio, I thought like many, he was an American, with that New England tone, but he was born in Salford Manchester and won a scholarship to Cambridge, he became an American citizen in 1941, and lived the rest of his life in Manhattan New York . Well worth clicking on the link and sitting back listening to his dulcet tones one evening.
Anyway, hope this doesn't go to their heads, its been said before New York Addick and Chicago Addick certainly write very well, although not in the same league as the great man himself, their latest blog entries are excellent. Just don't know how they find the time and energy to write so well, but keep them coming because they are a very good read and certainly unexpected from a football blog.
Come on you reds.

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