Friday, 18 May 2007


Time for another cultural trip to Calais, to visit the Art Galleries and Museums, or just another stock up on Booze at 35% of the UK price . Funny, the Government are trying to stop boozing and smoking, as the nations health suffers, but the taxes they charge on alcohol and tobacco, keep the National Health going. Catch 22 (great film by the way) . Anyway, I'm not on commission, but if you want a free trip and can pre-spend £200, then go to Oddbins .
We love going to pubs, but unfortunately, the best ones are in the sticks, I cant have more than two pints of Real Ale, unless we spend a fortune on taxis. The best pub
close to us is the Botley Hill Farmhouse at Warlingham Surrey and not only that, its a great music venue. We are just about to buy our tickets, to see the only tribute band to Jethro Tull , in the UK, how sad is that. When I was at school, all my mates were Reggae or Motown boys, but me no, I was Tull, The Who, Woodstock and Ten Years After. At 14 I turned up at the Valley in multi coloured flares and long hair and grey long coat, got a few looks but at that age who cares.

Another great pub is the

The White Bear, near Biggin Hill, Kent. The surrounding countryside is superb and the food is great. The pub is about 400 years old and if you like cold winter evenings sitting round an original open log fire, then this pub has it all.

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