Monday, 21 May 2007


Well, good news today, we have signed two strikers, that I feel, fit the bill required to return us to the Premiership. All we need now is a midfield ball winner, like a young Kinsella or a Parker(a player like him only comes along every two decades, so forget that one)
Robinson -never stopped running, but also had the skill. Pardew knows exactly what he wants and I belief, he is the best manager that we could have, to get us back to the premiership.
What I mean by no longer being a selling club, is that we are in a position to keep
Darren Bent and Luke Young if they are prepared to stay, unfortunately they want to return to the premiership and I for one don't blame them, but it will be their choice.
Going back years, I can think of several good players(Alan Campbell, Len Glover, Paul Walsh , Robert Lee and many others,
leaving the club, for very average fees, with no attempt to keep them, because the Board(Michael Glikstin for one) wanted the dosh and was not prepared to put a penny into the club. Apparently when Alan Mullery was manager, he went to the board and said , "we have a reasonable squad and if the Board could fund three or four new players, we could challenge for promotion" . Glikstin, allegedly said "we don't really want to go up as it would cost too much". The next day Mullery resigned.
Murray and the Board have been fantastic for this club and will continue to be so. Next season they deserve success and I hope they/we are rewarded for their belief in Pardew, although I have my doubts that it will be plain sailing and the fans loyalty will be tested. The dreaded play-offs could be a possibility. The best matches I have seen this season, are the play-offs, Southampton v Derby, Yeovil v Forest, they put the Cup-Finalists to shame. Man Utd., got exactly what they deserved , why the hell didn't they go for it, they have by far the better team.
Teams who reach the play-offs, have far more to lose than a Cup-Final. The worst advertisement for premiership Football and it was shown live to world wide audience of 400 million.


Anonymous said...

Dear NDA,
I agree, Chelski ManYou was watched by 400millionand succeeded in putting 410million off football.
The play-offs were brill and watched by only afew

Carmel said...

You write very well.