Monday, 28 May 2007


This Bank holiday, has to be, the wettest and coldest I can remember for late May . Its been raining steadily, since 6pm last night and its still coming down in torrents, as I write this at 9.45am . The South seems to be hardest hit, with the I. O.W. receiving 2.05 ins yesterday. In my area, on the Downs in the South East, the maximum temperature today, is expected to peak at 7C, which is more like a January Day. Anyway thank goodness for the play-offs, as they have been the highlight of my weekend. Congratulations to Blackpool and Bristol Rovers for winning promotion and commiserations to the gallant losers Yeovil and Blackpool. All four teams played their part in two very entertaining finals, which leads me to eagerly await, today's final of West Brom v Derby County. It is ironic that both Dein Kiely and Chris Perry could end up playing their final seasons in the premiership. Both left Charlton with their heads held high and I for one feel Perry should never have been let go and Kiely has proved he still has got what it takes, after helping Portsmouth survive last season and now helping West Brom to the Championship final.
In the past, as we sold another of our best players, for an average fee apart from Parker, I used to follow the results of the team they were transferred to and always wanted them to do well, so today for that reason only, I hope West Brom win.
Who would be a manger today when the match today is being billed as the £60 million match.
Please don't think I am xenophobic , but it has been refreshing to see mostly young British players giving their all in the play-offs. The Premiership has only 4o% UK players, playing regulary at the weekends and I feel that is too low. Zola, Henry, Bercamp, Ronaldo, and now Drogba have enhanced and graced the Premiership, but there are too many mercenaries who are here just for the dosh. There are plenty of good young players who are never given the chance, and have to settle playing in the lower leagues. Its highly unlikely to happen, with free trade and all that, but we should restrict each club to having four overseas players, that way, we will see the best overseas talent, which in turn will help the good, up and coming young British talent. The saying if your good enough is just not true . Bentley of Blackburn is a prime example, he is now playing some of the best football of his career , but with his talent it could have been a lot earlier, if given the chance.

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