Thursday, 31 May 2007

Parker to West Ham

Looks like Parker is going to West Ham for £7 mill, and that has got to be good business. What is surprising is that on the BBC forum , Newcastle fans do not seem concerned that he is leaving. The consensus seem to be that he did not play to the level of his first season at Newcastle and appeared at the latter part of last season to be unhappy and uncommitted. This could be a Parker trait as we all know how he behaved when things did not quite go his way.
Parker gets my vote as the best and most complete player, ever to wear a Charlton shirt.


newyorkaddick said...

He gets my vote as well - I continue to maintain he'd now be an England regular (ahead of Lump-ard for example) if he'd stayed at Charlton for another couple of years. He's a prime example (alongwith Wright-Philips) of the dangers of moving to a big club too soon.

Anonymous said...

Bang on NYA, if he had stayed another 18 months ( 1 1/2 seasons) it would have all been different for him and us.
Chelsea was the worst possible destination for him given the RA factor and their huge squad of internationals.
If he had stayed a bit longer with us and been successful he could have been in the same position Owen Hargreaves has got himself into (without the ECL experience).
As it is, Man U, L'pool and Arse fans will NEVER accept a Chelsea reject into their clubs so it looks like Spotty will not play for a big club after all.

Ormiston Addick

charlton north-downs said...

Yes, it was a great shame when he went after the big money. When Ambrovich saw Parker and a great Charlton, team destroy Chelsea 4-2 at the Valley (that scorline flattered them) ,it was not only the end of our dream of Europe , but Parker seems to have been at his peak then.
What is even more galling, Raneri didn't even want Parker at the time, because they had an abundance of midfield players, but I suppose when £ just small change you would do it.(Git)
Curbs and the team never recovered and Im afraid its a rebuilding job from now on.

Chicago Addick said...

Parker was indeed excellent for us and the best midfielder I ever saw play in a red shirt.

I always thought he would be a perfect replacement for Roy Keane at Man U, but Ormiston is right those top 3 would never buy a Chelsea reserve and his insolence at leaving at the first wad of cash being waved in his face will for ever be his undoing